Employment issues and unemployment problems are the main concerns of 49 percent of Saudi youth who took part in the survey. Housing and rent issues came second, concerning 32 percent of participants.

Amaresh Misra
Swami Vivekanand called it the second most beautiful place on earth after Kashmir. Today, the wonder that was Assam is a mass of decomposing bodies, petty politicking, strewn hopes, unfathomable despair and a fear that says: only man is vile.

In Assam, it does not matter whether the conflict is ethnic or communal or over land or some other issue. Any of these reasons-or all combined-might have triggered the violence. But more than 90 people (numbers go up each day) do not get killed-more 400,000 are not rendered homeless-because some Johnny come lately-whether a Bodo or an Assamese Muslim or an `infiltrator’-decides to fight the `other’. For the violence to attain such a gruesome character and a pitch that refuses to abate-an organized hand-or multiple forces-have to be at work. ..... Read More





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