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Dear Sir,

I am a regular reader of your high esteemed magazine E.C. I congratulate EC team for publishing such a good magazine. Really sir, I am so glad that this the only magazine that raises Muslim issues and burning topics in a fearless manner. Particularly, last issue was very informative and full of facts about communal riots in Assam, Pratapgadh and Bareilly.

May Allah save you from every evil!

At last, I want to share an idea that there must be a literary page consisting of English phrases , idioms , proverbs and short stories, so that students like me can get much more benefit from it. I am sure that my request will get acceptance Insha-Allah.

Izharul Haque ,

Dear Sir,

I read your magazine every now and then. It consists of valuable and informative articles. It indicates obviously that the writers are well versed. EC is a reliable source from which we could absorb details about current issues.

The articles published in recent EC are described well; especially the article on 'why is non-Muslim mass murderer not a terrorist?' is nice. I am looking forward for such essays. I wish your EC get incredible success in the days to come.

Safwan Ahmad,

Dear Sir,

I compliment your efforts for reforming the Muslim society. In last edition, I found your article on the topic, 'Does Islam permit critical thinking?' very interesting. I hope you will continue your painstaking efforts for it.

I wish you should make religious education a part of your magazine and accord it the importance it deserves.

Abdul Hameed ,
MMERC Student

Dear Sir,

I have been regular reader of your magazine since last one year. I take a lot of advantages from it. I even use to wait anxiously for its next issue the whole month. Because whatever you write, you write honestly and highlight burning issues which really should be spread.

Thank you sir, I appreciate you.

Mohammad Umair,
Via e-mail

Dear Sir,

I read very beneficial articles in September issue on unity of Muslims. I was highly influenced by it. But there is one jarring note in your magazine that you use unnecessary photographs. You should use photographs only in extreme need, because it is prohibited in Islam.

Atif Kamal,

Dear Sir,

I am a reader of your magazine EC for the last few months. I found that it is time's need because most of the graduates are not able to take advantage of Urdu magazines which have diverse information about Islam. Therefore, I humbly request you that you should add a series of articles on explanations of glorious Qur'an in your magazine.

Anisur Rahman,
Jogeshwari, Mumbai

Dear Sir,

I am really pleased to write something about Easter Crescent. I read it and found that it doesn't represent only a specific ideology but comprises many articles about religion, politics, economics, history and current affairs. Particularly, it raises the voice of affected people anywhere in the world. I think it is on top among the English magazines published from Muslim community in India. However, it is a balanced magazine. And I wish the best for the EC staff.

Tasleem Siddiqui,
Ambedkar Nagar,

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