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On day-to-day Masail of Muslims

Mufti Asadullah Qasmi
Coordinator, Online Darul Ifta,

Q: Some people say that to wear red cloth is not allowed in Islam, so what is the Islamic ruling on wearing the colourful cloth. Which colour is liked the most in Shariah?

Ahmad, Mumbai

A:Studying the different Ahadith, Islamic jurisprudents say there is no prohibition in wearing clothes with any colour. Bara Bin Azib narrates that I saw Allah's messenger (saws) wearing red Hullah (It is two Yemeni shawls). Nevertheless, if any colour such as red or yellow show the similarities to any another religion's followers then it is makrooh (not preferable) to wear them for a man.

Q:If anyone listens the Ayah (verse) of Sajdah in the holy Qur'an on TV or by radio, or Mobile then is it compulsory to perform Sajdah?

Qasim Muhammad, Delhi

A:Sajdah is compulsory when one listens to the Ayah (verse) of Sajdah from the reader at the time of recitation with condition it is recited intentionally. So if one listens Ayah of Sajdah through a TV or radio while it is directly telecasted then Sajdah would be mandatory upon him. But if he listens to the Ayah of Sajdah by a cassette or by a downloaded audio or video then there is no Sajdah upon him. [Extracted from Durre Mukhtar]

Q:After offering Salah in the mosque, some time I am in very hurry, but when I see behind then I find someone performing Salah. So what is the distance after which I may cross in front of a person who is performing salah?

Wasim Shah, Muzaffarnagar, UP

A:If you are exactly in front of musalli (a person who is performing salah) then you may move away to his left or right side. If you are in his left or right side then you can pass in front of him putting stick whose depth is equal to a finger and length is as long as cubit, or putting umbrella or asking anyone to stand before him. It is when the masjid's dimension is 40 by 40 cubits (zira) or less than it. But if the masjid is bigger than it or musalli is in the open ground then one may pass three rows (saf) before the musalli.

Q:In my area it is widespread custom that girls use the jewelry of copper or steel.

Is it okay, Islamically?

Sadia, Delhi

A:A. For women all kinds of metal's jewelry is allowed.[Fatawa Rashidia] Some Islamic jurisprudents say rings of other metal than silver and gold is not allowed even for women.[Shami]

Q:Can you please tell me if we can name our baby Raayena (Qur'an 2:104)

Akhtar, Via Mail

A:A. In pre-Islamic era, Jews used to address prophet (saws) with the word “Raayina”, later some Muslims also started addressing him by this word, then Jews were making fun among them saying 'Earlier we were abusing Muhammad only on his back but now we are doing it openly as well.' Because the word Raayina has double meaning 1. Pay attention towards us 2.A sort of abuse in the language Jews. Then Allah (swt) prohibited in the Qur'an to address the Prophet (saws) by this word [Qur'an 2:104]. So it is inauspicious to name a child with the word which was used to abuse the Prophet (saws). Prophet (saws) says: 'Name your children with the name of Allah's prophets.'[Mishkat] and in another hadith he mentions “The best name in the sight of Allah is the names Abdullah and Abdurrahman.”[Muslim] It means servant of Allah.

Q:I have two questions.1.I am a married woman. Can I give zakat to my widowed mother from my husband's earnings? 2. Is zakat wajib on precious stones like diamond, pearls etc.?

Sayed Muhammad, Via Mail

A:You cannot give zakat to your mother. But if you are giving zakat to her from your husband' side and you are just an agent then it is okay. 2. There is no zakat on pearl, or diamond if they are used for ornament. But if one is saving it for investment then there would be zakat on them.

Q:I m a newly married girl, and my husband wants me to do waxing, whereas I never did it before as my mother told me that it is prohibited in our Islam. But my husband is telling that women can do it for only their husband. In Saudi Arabia, women are doing this thing, I'm confused, please reply me whether I can do it or not?

Rafiqah Ahmad, Patna, Bihar

A:In Islam, it is not encouraged to overdo make up. Nevertheless if any wife is adopting make up for her husband then it is also not wrong but rather it is admirable. So, you may do waxing if it is performed by yourself or your husband or by any modest woman, not by strange man or immodest professional women.[ Shami 9/498] It is noteworthy that according to experts there are many drawbacks of waxing. Waxing can be painful when the strip is removed from the skin. There can be intense pain, particularly in more sensitive areas. Other drawback of waxing is that some people experience ingrown hairs, red bumps, and minor bleeding. This is more likely to occur when waxing areas with thick hair, especially the first few times when follicles are strongest.

Q:Is listening to songs and music allowed in Islam? And what about listening to naat?

Bilal Wasim Khan , Via Mail

A:A. It is forbidden in Islam to listen to songs if it consists of the sayings which are unethical and not allowed in Islam e.g. it excites the desire and motivates wrong doing or it mixed up with music, In the holy Qur'an it is prohibited [Luqman Ayah 6]Music is also not allowed in Islam. A hadith reads: “Keep away from listening to music and songs” [Kanzulummal] if the song does not contain any unethical motives and music then it is permitted. To listen to naat (verses in the glory of Prophet (saws)) is praiseworthy. Once prophet (saws) admired Hassan Ibne Sabit (raz) and prayed for him saying: “ May Allah help him through Ruhulqudus”[ Bukhari 1/64]

And Allah knows the best

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