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Self Help Group
Spreads Wings
in Andhra Pradesh

From the EC Desk

Rehab India Foundation (Rehab) formed Self Help Group namely 'Padosi' in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh on 2nd Sep 2012 with the aim of poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment through financial intermediation and economic development. The objective of the project is to promote and assist socio-economic, educational and employment programmes for the welfare and development of women, youth and children who are economically backward, unemployed and marginalized.

Mr. K SM Ibrahim trustee, Rehab made introductory remarks about the trust and elaborated on activities of the foundation. He explained the concept behind 'Padosi' - Rehab Self Help Group Project and various similar projects in many villages in West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Uttarpradesh, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh under the village development programme. By means of village development programme, Rehab strives for the socio-economic development of the marginalized community. Mr. Ibrahim said that the trust provides basic amenities such as drinking water , basic education and health centers to these villagers.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdul Wahid and Mr. Inayathullah from local NGOs were present on the dais. Mr. Hidayathulla S Khamar Project Co-ordinator , Rehab explained details of the Self Help Group project at Guntur. He said that, this is a long-term project and Rehab will form SHG`s across Guntur and Andhra Pradesh. The respondents of 'Padosi' SHG will be trained in advanced job skills such as glass painting, cooking and catering, garment production, embroidery, laundry services(domestic and corporate), beauty/grooming, terrace gardening, basic computer education and training in spoken English and other languages.

Rehab started the first phase of the project with 15 members and conducted survey of the community and identified several other needy families. New 'Padosi' groups will be formed in the following weeks including most deserving individuals.

Insafudheen, Project Manager, Rehab South zone welcomed the gathering and Mr. Syed Abid Hussain, gave vote of thanks.

Rehab India Foundation, Is nonprofit charity established for community and area-specific socio economic and educational development of deprived communities. The founders are people from different parts of India with years of professional experience, vision and commitment.

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