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Sr No Topic Name
1Addab - (Manners / Morality)
2Adyaan-e Mutafarriqa (Various Religions)
3Aqidah- (Faith & Beliefs)
4Auraton Ke Masael- (Womens issues)
5Bida at - (Innovation)
6Firaq-e Batilah - (Deviant Sects)
7Hajj wa Umrah - (Pilgrimage to Makkah)
8Halal wa Haram - (Pure & impure / legal & illegal)
9Iddat - (Waiting Period)
10ILM - (Knowledge)
11Kufr wa Shirk - (Disbelief & Polytheism)
12Mayyit - (Death)
13Masjid wa Madrasa - (Mosque & Schools)
14Mamlaat - (Financial Dealings)
15Mutafarriqat - (Miscellaneous)
16Nafaqah wa Suknah - (Alimony / Maintenance)
17Nazar wa Qasm - (Oath & Pledge)
18Qabul-e Islam - (Embracing Islam)
19Nikah - (Marriage)
20Qurbani wa Zabah - (Animal Sacrifice & Slaughtering)
21Riba - (Interest / Usury)
22Salah - (Prayers)
23Sawm - (Fasting)
24Taharah - (Purity / Cleanliness)
25Talaq - (Divorce)
26Tijarah - (Trade & Business)
27Waqf - (Endowment)
28Wasiyyat - (Will)
29Wirasat - (Inheritance)
30Zakat wa Sadaqah - (Poors due & Charity)

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