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Question By : Yakub


I am having the following Metals with me

1. Gold 310.00 gms

2. Silver 145.00 gms and

3. White Gold ring with American Diamonds embedded on it 7.5 gms

I want to inquire whether Zakaat will be liable on all the above 3 or only on Gold or only on Silver or only on white Gold.
Will Zakaat will be liable on American Diamonds also which is embedded on White Gold ring

I want to further inquire whether Zakaat on Silver will be as per Market rate of Silver or as per Market rate of Gold
and Zakaat on White Gold will be as per market rate of White Gold or as per market rate of Gold.

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Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful
Wa Alaikumossalam
Dear Brother in Islam,
The answers to your questions are as follows:

It is obligatory for every sane, adult and free Muslim to pay the 2.5% of property if he/she possesses the Nisaab, free from his/her initial needs and debt for a whole lunar year.

The amount that makes one liable for Zakaat is called Nisaab. The Nisaab of gold is 7.5 Tolas = 87.48 Grams while the Nisaab of silver is 52.5 Tolas = 612.36 Grams. The Nisaab of assets other than Gold and Silver such as merchandise, cash and so on, will be the equivalent of that of 612.36 grams silver. Moreover, one who possesses gold less than 87.48 grams or silver less than 612.36 grams but after combining, the value of both becomes equate to the value of either the Nisaab of gold or silver, then one will be liable to pay Zakaat.

There is no Zakaat on any other metal except gold and silver. Pearls, diamonds or any other precious stones are not subject to Zakaat unless they are for trade.

Zakaat is also Fardh on animals such as sheep, goat and buffalos and so on. And the Nisaab of every animal differs from other. The detail is not stated here.

When a person becomes liable for Zakaat possessing any Nisaab, the Zakaat of the other asset also becomes Wajib whether it reaches the Nisaab or not. For instance, a man who possesses 87.48 grams gold and silver less than 612.36 grams which is not reaching the Nisaab, is liable to pay the Zakaat of gold and silver as well. This is because he has become liable for Zakaat by possessing the Nisaab of gold only.

As regard your matter, you possess gold more than Nisaab and silver less than its Nisaab. But you became liable for Zakaat because of possessing the Nisaab of gold. Therefore, the Zakaat of both gold and siver is Wajib on you. And the easiest way to pay your Zakaat is to calculate the market rate of 310.00 grams gold and 145.00 grams of silver along with other assets such as merchandise, cash if you possess and whatever sum comes out, pay 2.5% of it. (Shami 2: 37)

What do you mean by white gold? If it is diamond or any other precious stones then it has earlier been stated that there is no Zakaat on those metals when they are not meant for trade or investment. (Ibid 15)

It should be noticed that the Zakaat of gold and silver would be paid by the market rate of the date the Zakaat became wajib. (Ibid 24)

And Allah knows the best,

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