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Question By : Adeel Hassan

Assalamu Alaikum! I have 2 Questions; 1. Do Women need to clean the Dirty Hairs from the body just like men do? How and When? 2. About Talaq... Its been a very hot debate that talaqs whatever is the number will be counted as one if it is given in one setting. Is it correct according to Hanafi Fiqa?


Reply By : Mohd. As¡¯ad Qasmi
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Assalamu Alaikum

The answer to your question is as follows:

2. If in one sitting a husband says to his wife "I give you three Talaqs¡± or he utters ¡°Talaq, talaq, talaq¡± three times, in both the cases three Talaqs will occur according to all four fiqhas i.e. Hanafi, Shafie, Maliki & Hambali. This has been the verdict of Sahabah, Aslaf and all four Imams. Bukhari: Vol. 2, p. 791 (Note: 2,3)

The holy Qur'an says, ¡°Divorce must be pronounced twice¡­ If he hath divorced her (the third time), then she is not lawful unto him¡­ (Chapter no. 2, Verse no. 229-230).
This verse is clear about number of talaq because according to the explanation of Tafseer Jalalain ¡°MARRATAAN¡± means two talaqs without differentiation between one sitting and more. So as the two talaqs of one sitting are counted two similarly three talaqs of one sitting will be counted three, as it is the unanimously adopted standpoint by all four authorized sects of Fiqh.

Authenticated by: Mufti Ishtiyaq Ahmad Qasmi

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