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Question By : Khaleel


Can some one tell whether one needs to
perform Wudhu or be Pak for reading Quran on the internet??




Reply By : Nazar Kaleem Qudsee Al- Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: IDO, MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear Brother in Islam

Being PAAK (neat and clean) from Janabat (Resulting from coition, copulation or wet dream) is enough for reading Quran on Internet. Meaning ''Wadhu'' is not necessary while reading or reciting Quran on Internet when someone is PAAK.

Derived and benefited from :
1. Fatafa Rahimiyah. Vol.1-Page-104
2. Ahkaamul Qur'an- Vol.3-Page-511
3. Al-ashbaah Wan-nazaair-Page-49
4. Hidaayah- Vol.-1 Page.-48

Thanking you

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