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Question By : Ammarah Qasim

Dear Sir,
I had read the instruction of performing wudhu from Thai Islamic books. I had learned about making wudhu. The wudhu will be break, if we touch non-Mahram.
At the fajr time on the Eid day many people came to the house and perform salaat, someone, male, wanted to shake my hand because they did this every years on this day, it is the culture, but I told him that my wudhu would break and I wanted to perform salaat. So, somebody laughed at me and said that I was crazy. He told me that if I read many Islamic books, i would be crazy. At that time I was very ashamed.
Is that my false that I did whatever I read? Can you kindly write for me the answer in detail?
Yours truly,
Ammarah Qasim


Reply By : Azizur-Rahman Fatehpuri
Designation : Grand Mufti of Maharashtra, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear sister in Islam Walaikumus-salam
Regarding breaking of Wodhu in case of touch of woman Imams have different opinions. Imam Shafeyi and Ahmed held that Wodhu does not remain in case of touch of women other than those who are within the prohibited degrees while Imam Malik held that it breaks in case of touch of any woman with passion. Imam Abu -Hanifa says in either of the cases Wodhu remains, and he proves his opinion by many traditions of the Prophet. Hadhrat A'isha reports that the Prophet used to kiss someone of his wives and then pray without making ablution. (Abu-daud, Tirmizi, Ibn-Majah) (Ext.from Alhadis V.1 P.676)
Opinions of all Imams have been given, and follow the opinion of your Imam. You should consult your local Mufti or Alim also.
In religious matters one should not feel ashamed by others' criticism.

Thanking You

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