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Mufti Sahab,
Is it right for women to go & read Taravih prayers in congregation in some friend's or relatives house close by or even at a distance, with a Hafiz leading the prayers behind a curtain, or is it correct to read 20 rakats Surah Taravih at home? The ladies who go return home so late at night, some without mehrams & some with mehrams, some in purdah & some without purdah.Please comment.


Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
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In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful
Assalamo Alaikum
Dear in Islam
The answer of your question is as follows:

The best period in Muslim history was the period of the Prophet (SAW). There was no mischief. People were embracing Islam and they were in the process of learning the teachings of Islam. The greatest among them was to offer and learn the methods of prayer from the Prophet himself. Therefore, women were allowed to come to the mosque and offer Salah in congregation though it was not compulsory for them to come for congregation. However, later on mischief began to spread its tentacles. Having seen the worsening social atmosphere, Hazrat Umar (RA) the second Caliph of Islam and the other companions of the Prophet (SAW) prohibited women to come to the mosque. (Bada-e-Yussanaei V: 1 P: 157, Fatawa-e-Raheemia V: 5 P: 64). And today Ulama prohibit women to come to the mosque for congregation due to the worsening social atmosphere. (Shami V: 1 P: 419, Aalamghiri V: 1 P: 89)

As far as the Salatut Tarawih (Trawih Prayer) and Salah bil JamaˇŻa (congregation) are concerned, Tarawih is Sunnate Muakkada (necessary to follow) for both man and woman but offering Tarawih in congregation is Sunnate Muakkada-e-Kefayah (a Sunnah performed by one for all) for man only. Women are not commanded to offer any kind of Salah in congregation. (Shami V: P: 410) It is preferable for them to offer Salah alone. (Aalamghiri V: 1P: 85) It is because the best mosque for a woman is her home and particularly the separate room of her home where no Ghair Mahram (one with whom marriage is allowed) can see her. The Prophet of Islam is quoted as having said: ˇ°The best mosques for women are the dark and closed room of their homes.ˇ± (Attargheeb Wa-Ttarheeb V: 1 P: 188, Fatawa-e-Raheemia V: 5 P: 59) A similar Hadith is also narrated from Ibne Masood. The Prophet (SAW) in another Hadith says: ˇ° Woman should cover herself. Whenever she goes, Satan stares at her. And being at home, she is nearer to Allah.ˇ± (Ibid)
The Salah of only women in a house or room where there is no other man except Imam and the women Muqtadee are not accompanied by their Mahram (one with who marriage is prohibited) or husbands is Makrooh (not good in the view of Shariah). (Shami V: 1 P: 419) It is therefore better for a woman to offer Salah in her home. And she is rewarded more in this case than she gets while offering Salah in congregation in a mosque or elsewhere. (Attargheeb Wa-Ttarheeb V: 1 P: 188, Fatawa-e-Raheemia V: 5 P: 61)
Allah knows the

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