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Question By : taqwa

salamu akaikum,
please can you tell me when an imam is leading the prayer in congregation is it permissible for him to make a dua afterwards. some people say that it is not something the prophet did.


Reply By : Mufti Ishtiyaq Azmi
Designation : Mufti ODI 

sorry to reply late
Assalamu Alaikum
Dear Brother answer of your question is as follows:
Yes, it is permissible for an Imam leading the prayer in congregation to make a Dua after he finishes the prayer. Lots of traditions have been narrated reporting that Prophet (sawa) did Dua in congregational Prayers after he said Salam. Aswad Al Amiri narrates from his father Hazrat Amir (RA) he says,Ħħ I ferformed Fajr Prayer with the Prophet (saws) when he said Salam, he turned and raised his hand and did DuaĦħ. Ibn Abi Shaibah

Allah knows the best

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