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Question By : noor Rahman

Respected Mufti Sahib
once our pishimam commited mistake
and performed sajjada sahwa then
he said this the fault of muqtadees
because they dont make their wadu properly
please explain is it wright?

Noor Rahman



Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful
Wa Alaikumussalam
Dear Brother in Islam
The answer to your question is as follows:

Most of the time a Musalli (one who is performing Salah) commits mistake because of his/her carelessness. Therefore, it is not appropriate to say that wherever an Imam commits a mistake is because of the improper Wudu made by a Muqtadi, but some time this improper Wudu may cause to commit a mistake. Once upon a time the Prophet of Islam (SAW) was reciting Suratur Room in Fajr Salah and was misled from one verse to another. After completing the Salah, he said, ¡°What has come upon to the people who don¡¯t make Wudu properly, and these are the people who cause problems in our recitation!¡±. (interpretation, Sunan Annasaiyee: 1/151)

And Allah knows the best,

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