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Question By : M. Z. Chida

Assalamu Alaikum,

In the city where I live there is a very big Anjuman with
a mosque. About 1000 yards away is another building which
is for women. This building is connected to mosque mike.
The jumma kutbas and prayers and also other daily prayers
are heard in the other building. The women gathering
there at the time of prayer stand in rows and follow the
imam who is conducting the prayer in the mosque. A
questing is asked whether this proceedure followed by
women in the other building by doing prayers in Jamaat on
hearing the voice (on loud speaker) of the Imam who is
conducting the prayer in the mosque is permissible. If
not what is your suggestion for the group of women who
are assembled in that building for doing their prayers
when the imam is conducting the prayers in the mosque for
the men in the same compound.

The second question is can separate building be
constructed on the side of the mosque for the women
gathering to do prayers following the imam but here again
they will here the voice of the imam on the loud speaker.

Is there any guideline for the distance for the women
gathering who are in another building and the main mosque
for following the imam through loud speaker.

What is your suggestion for the women to do jamaat



Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful
Assalamo Alaikum
Dear Brother in Islam,
The answers to your questions are as follow:

1) There are two conditions to follow an Imam from a distance: getting no confusion about the practice of Imam and the continuity of rows. One who follows an Imam from a distance and listens the voice but far away form the rows of the people offering Salaah behind the Imam then the Salaah of such Musalli will not be valid. (Shami Babul Imamah VO: 1 P: 433) The building referred to the above question is 1000 yards away from the mosque. Therefore, to follow the Imam from that building is not permissible.

2) The seed of reticence and shyness has been sowed in the nature of women. Modesty is their honour. They are respected human beings in the view of Islam and in the eyes of people as well for as long as they preserve their nature. But when they lose their modesty the humiliation and disrespect become integral part of their lives. Islam has closed all the doors that can prove dangerous for the dignity of women. The key source to spoil the modesty of a woman is Ghair Mahram. Therefore, Islam teaches her to safeguard herself from Ghair Mahram (one with whom marriage is allowed) by adopting every possible means. But it is highly regretted that so-called modern people are trying to make women shameless by raising the slogan of freedom and equality. The innocent women are influenced by this propaganda. Some of them are spending their all energy to promote this thought. But the time will tell them the consequence of this evil plan. Had people followed the teachings of Islam the circumstances would have not worsened.

The best period in Muslim history was the period of the Prophet (SAW). There was no Fitnah (mischief). People were embracing Islam and they were in the process of learning the teachings of Islam. The greatest among them was to offer and learn the methods of prayer from the Prophet himself. Therefore, women were allowed to come to the mosque and offer Salaah in congregation though it was not compulsory for them to come for congregation. However, later on mischief began to spread its tentacles. Having seen the worsening social atmosphere, Hazrat Umar (RA) the second Caliph of Islam and the other companions of the Prophet (SAW) prohibited women to come to the mosque. (Bada-e-Yussanaei VO: 1 P: 157, Fatawa-e-Raheemia VO: 5 P: 64). And today Ulama prohibit women to come to the mosque for congregation due to the worsening social atmosphere. (Shami V: 1 P: 418, Aalamghiri V: 1 P: 89)

Offering Salaah in congregation is compulsory for man only. Women are not commanded to offer any kind of Salaah in congregation. (Shami V: P: 410) It is preferable for them to offer Salaah alone. (Aalamghiri V: 1P: 85) It is because the best mosque for a woman is her home and particularly the separate room of her home where no Ghair Mahram can see her. The Prophet of Islam is quoted as having said: "The best mosques for women are the dark and closed room of their homes." (Attargheeb Wa-Ttarheeb V: 1 P: 188, Fatawa-e-Raheemia V: 5 P: 59) A similar Hadith is also narrated from Ibne Masood (RA). The Prophet (SAW) in another Hadith says: " Woman should cover herself. Whenever she goes, Satan stares at her. And being at home, she is nearer to Allah." (Ibid)

An adult and sane person will never prefer less profit when he/she can gain more. Though, for the time being, there is no possibility of Fitnah for women to go to the mosque and offer Salaah in congregation but they get less reward than offering Salaah at their homes. A woman who believes in Allah and His Apostle never will agree to get less reward by offering Salaah in congregation as a man who follows the teachings of Islam never will dream to achieve less virtue by offering Salaah at his home. Therefore, I do not favour to construct a building for women beside the mosque and let them get less rewards. I suggest you to tell them their value and station given by Islam.

And Allah knows the best,

Answered by
Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi

Certified by
Muhammadullah Khalili Qasmi

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