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Question By : Ammarah

Assalamu alaikum
I want to ask u sth. If I go to somewhere with mom and other people,
I may miss namaaz due to many situation, so what should I do?


Reply By : MB QASMI
Designation : ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear Sister in Islam

Offering prayer on the time, whether at house or during the outings and journey is a great deed of virtue. Hence, one must try to offer it on the time. But if the situations and circumstances do not allow or for any reason one could not offer Namaz, he/she must offer them at home. The Namaz missed in Safar-E-Shara-ee that is minimum 78 kilometers far from ones own city, he/she is bound to offer only two Rak'at out of the Namaz of four Rak'at as in Zohar, Asr and Eshaa. Maghrib whether missed in Safar or Hazar has no concession and must be paid three Rak'at.
Thanking you

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