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Question By : Ammarah Qasim

Assalamu alaikum

Please tell me about namaaz for traveler while i am on airplane. How should I pray and what to do? Please reply me very soon.
Ammarah Qasim


Reply By : Md. Obaidullah Mohiuddin Qasmi
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Dear sister in Islam
Wa'laikumus Salam

1) One has to wait for the landing of the aeroplane if missing of time of the Salah
is not feared.

2) One has to perfom Salah in the flying state of aero-plane if the time of Salah is
feared to be missed if waited for its landing.

3) One is allowed to perform Salah while the aero-plane is on the ground after
landing or before taking off .

(extract from Ahsanul Fatawa v:4 p: 89,Eezahul-Masael by Mufti Shabbir Ahmad p:131)


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