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Question By : Md. Shaukat Ali


Whats the Islamic rulling on Dua after each Namaz?
Kidnly explain it for us.
Thanking you
Shaukat Ali and many friends
New Delhi


Reply By : Mohd. Obaidullah Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: Online Darul Ifta, MMERC, Mumbai 

Making Du'a in Namaz (Salah)
Dua or supplication may be mainly classified into two categories:
(I) Du'as mentioned in the Holy Quran, Hadith or those not resembling the talks of people, e.g. Dua's for forgiveness, Heaven etc. (ii) Du'as not mentioned in the said two texts and resembling the talks of people or in other words, to ask Allah what can be asked from people, e.g. O Allah feed me, Pay my debt etc.
Dua's mentioned in the Quran, hadith or those not resembling the talks of people would not spoil Salah if done during it.
Du'as resembling the talks of people are not allowed in Farz Salah, and will spoil Salah if asked during it according to Imam Abu-Hanifa. But according to Imam Shafe'i and some others both kinds of Du'as are allowed during Salah.
Imam Abu Hanifah proves his opinion with the Hadith:,''no talks of people are allowed in this Salah, it is only Tasbeeh, Takbeer and recitation of the Holy Qura'n''(narrated by Muslim 1:203) (Ila'us-Sunan V.3 P.169)

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