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Question By : Ali Abu Shama Baitei

Dear Mufti Sb


Please tell me that Qurbanni is wajib upon whom?
What if one's parent stop him/her from doing this? Is it allowed for them? And is it Fardh to obey parent all the time?.
Plz reply me soon I am really distureb.



Reply By : Md.Obaidullah Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear brother in Islam,

Qurbani is Wajib(incumbent) upon every man and woman who possesses such income amounting to Nisab.The Nisab consists of 7.1/2 tola gold or 52.1/2 tola silver or the wealth of the value of either of them and free from real requirements (accommodation , field, necessary goods for life maintenance). The person who pays Zakat must do Qurbani too.
Not to do Qurbani is a grave sin which brings anger of the Prophet.The prophet is reported to have said,''One who is able to do Qrbani (owner of the wealth of Nisab) and does not perform, he is not allowed to approach the place of I'd prayer.
(Fatawa Raheemiah vol:3,p:178-185)

Duty towards Allah, the Almighty is greater than that towards parents. The Quran says, ''And if they (parents) contend with you that you should set up a partner with one of whom you have no knowledge, disobey them, keep kind company with them in this world.''(Chapter: 29, Verse: 8)
Therefore, a person is bound to obey his parents in only those matters that are not sin, and against Shariah. In this case you must perform Qurbani if you are owner of Nisab. No! it is not necessary to obey parents in all matters, but the should not be harmed. You can do your work let them do their.

Allah knows the best

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