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Question By : Muhammad Kashif

assalamalaikum, I m 21 nd engaged,  pilot by profession, I cannot get married before 26 years of age, this is a restriction from my profession and just because of this official restriction my parents are not marrying me and I have a fear that we will commit sin because we talk nd meet, and we cannot control this natural feeling, I want to ask what are the primary requisites of nikah, is nikah valid without informing Wali, despite of the fact he allows me to marry...can we nikah in secret with 2 shahid and Mehr, without informing our parents now? and I have red that hanafi school allows nikah without a Wali...  Plz tell me who is answering my questions and what is your degree (alim/mufti)  and by what school of though you are answering me (hanafi/malik/hanbal/shafi) 


Reply By : (Mufti) Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator Online Darul Ifta, MMERC 

If boy and girl are adult then their marriage in the presence of two Muslim men or one man two women witnesses without informing wali is also valid. But if boy is not kufu of girl then her nikah would not be valid without the permission of wali as per Hanafi school of thought. I am Fazil from Darul Uloom Deoband and Mufti from Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur and hanafi.

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