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Question By : Ali Ali

Dear, Sir, my age is 29. I got married one month back. Rukhsati ceremony will be almost after 2 years. I want to have intercourse with my wife, but my wife is in any way not ready for the same. She says that nothing is permissible before rukhsati; and this act too is not ok. Please tell me want to do now, because I have much sexual desire and to wait for 2 years is a very tough job for me. My next question is that I convinced my wife for hug and kiss that I did, but after that she got confused more, and she says that whatever I did was also not correct. She is in much tense now because of this. Give reply in detail to show my wife. Thanx


Reply By : Mohammad Asad Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

The answer to this question is as follows:

The purpose of performing Nikah is to maintain oneĄŻs chastity and abstain from sins. It is advisable for the spouses to be with one another immediately after Nikah. Separation between the spouses after Nikah, especially for lengthy periods of time, is against the purpose and spirit of performing Nikah.
According to Islamic ShariĄŻah, when Nikah is done properly, then there is nothing to prevent wife and husband from meeting, talking and fulfilling their sexual desires. She is your wife and you are her husband all the way; whatever would be permissible after Rukhsati (wife going to live with husband) with your wife, the same is permissible now too. Moreover, you live in society, and you ought not to do a thing that may harm our honour in the society. Therefore, the solution to this problem is that you should convince your parents to take Rukhsati as soon as possible. (And Allah knows bes

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