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Question By : Khalid Omar Siddiqi

Maulana Qasmi Saheb and Mr. Khaleel Ahmad
Thank you very much for your scholarly discussion about certain aspects of multiple marriages in Islamic sharia. I am sure we have all learned something from your postings. I want you to continue this discussion to benefit the
members of our forum.
Would you please now explain the circumstances and implications of a famous Hadith in which Prophet Mohammed (SAS) is reported to have refused to give permission to the leaders of certain tribes who wanted the women of their tribes to get married with Hazrat Ali (RA)?
Prophet is reported to have said that what makes Hazrat Fatima (R.A) sad, makes him sad. He was further reported to have said that in case Hazrat Ali (RA) want to marry again than he should divorce his daughter.

I am sorry I do not have the actual words of the hadis nor I know the classification (Sahih, Hasan, Mauzu' etc.) of the hadis. I also do not know the name of the Raavi (narrator). However, I am sure that Islamic scholars of your caliber and standing must have come across this hadis in the past and are not totally unaware of it.
Would you please explain this hadis in some details as well as the implications of this hadis? Thanking you in anticipation of an early reply and very many thanks again for this useful and beneficial discussion.
Khalid Omar Siddiqi


Reply By : MB Qasmi
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Muhtaram KHalid Saheb

Thank you for your quest to know the real words of Hadith and its implications.
This is a Sahee Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari. The narrators of Hadith no 1. are as follows :
Imam Bukhari from abul -Yaman and abul -Yaman from Shoaib and Shoaib from Zohri and Zohri from Ali bin Husain and Ali bin Husain from Miswar Ibne Makhramah Ibne Naufal Al-Zohri.
The narrators of Hadith no 2. are as follows :
Imam Bukhari from abul -Waleed and abul -Waleed from Oyainah and Oyainah from Amar Ibne Deenaar and Amar Ibne Deenaar from Ibne Abee Molaikah and Ibne Abee Molaikah from Miswar Ibne Makhramah Ibne Naufal Al-Zohri that Rasoolul-laah Sal-lal-laahu Alaihi Wasal-lam said.

Hadith No.1
Inna Aliyan khataba binta Abi Jahlin fasamiat bidaalika Faatimati fa- atat Rasoolal-laahi Sal-lal laahu Alaihi Wasal-lama fa-Qaalat - yaz-o-mu Qaumuka annaka la taghzab libanaatika wa hadaa Aliyun Naakihun binta Abi Jahlin faqaama Rasoolul-laahi Sal-lal laahu Alaihi Wasal-lama fasami'tuhu -heena tashah-hada yaqoolu Amma baad-fa-innee ankahtu abal-Aas Ibnar rabee' fahaddasanee wa sadaqanee wa an-na fatimatu badh-atum minnee wa -annee akrahu ai-n-ya-su-ahaa. wallaahi laa yajtami-o- bintu rasoolil-laahi wa bintu aduwil-laahi inda rajolin waahedin fa- taraka aliyunil Khitbata.
In this Hadith Hazrat Ali Radi-Allahu anhu is reported that he gave his consent to be married with the daughter of Abu Jihl. (named ''Ghaurah'') When Prophet peace be upon him came to about this matter by his beloved daughter he felt uneasy, came to Mosque and after praise of Allah he said''
I got my daughter married with Abul Aas and he kept his promise, and listen that Fatimah is a part of my heart. I hate, dislike and disagree all that grieves and makes her sad and heart-broken. By Allah, the daughter of Allah's messenger and the daughter of Allah's enemy shall never be under the marriage-not of one person. When Hazrat Ali listened these words of prophet, he took his word and did not marry the daughter of Abu Jehl.

(Bukhari Sharif -Vol. 1- Page -528 Under the title Dikro Ashaarin Nabi-ye S.W.)

Hadith No.2

Faatimatu Biz'atum minnee Faman Aghzabahaa Faqad Aghzabanee
Fatimah is a part of my body. (No one should hurt her) whatsoever makes her angry it necessarily makes me angry.
(Bukhari Sharif -Vol. 1- Page -528 Under the title Manaaqibu Qaraabati Rasoolillahi S.W.)
(Bukhari Sharif -Vol. 1- Page -528/ 532 Under the title Manaaqibu Faatimah)

Brother in Islam, for a sound minded man there is nothing that opposes the holy verse of Qur'an which allows a Muslim to marry upto four women provided justice and fair dealing with everyone. Prophet never said'' Ali ! You cant marry because it is prohibited. He only expressed his view and disagreement, for the sake of his beloved daughter the Head of women in Paradise of Allah. May Allah be pleased with her and may Allah be pleased with me my all family members on the ground of love and respect for the family of Rasoolul-laah Sal-lal laahu Alaihi Wasal-lama
Mr. Taalib Al-Hashmi in his Urdu book '' Fatimatuz Zahra'' published by Markazi Maktaba Islami Delhi, on Page No,105-106 has also noted this Hadith with a slight detail.

Allah knows the best

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