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Question By : Muhammad

I was going in jamaat for the weekend, it was my first time and (i didn't know what bait was then but) all the brothers did bait with Hafiz saheb of Markaz, i can't remember what he said but when i asked the other brothers (that did bait wit hafiz saheb along with me) they told me that you do the three tasbeehaats, and 3 siparas daily because you're a hafiz etc. My question is what would happen to me if i didn't do the three tasbeehats or didn't pray three siparas of Qur'an daily would i be harmed in any way?


Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Muft, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

(Note: It is highly regretted that the answer of your question could not find you in time, because the organization has been shifted to a new place and it took more than two months to be settled. Pray for the better future of the organization.)

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful

Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuho

Dear Brother in Islam,

The answer to your is as follows:

There are two kinds of A¡¯maal (acts) in Shariah; Zahiri (exoteric acts or physical acts) and Batini (esoteric acts or states of the hearts). The subject that deals with the first kind of A¡¯maal is called Fiqh while the subject, consists of the second one is called Tasawwuf and Sulook.

Tasawwuf purifies one¡¯s heart from lowly bestial attributes and draws one¡¯s attention towards Allah Almighty. While commanding to perform Zahiri A¡¯mal, Allah Ta¡¯alah enjoins the believers to purify their inner selves. The purification of inner self is the basis of salvation in Hereafter while the despoiling of heart is the cause of destruction. The Lofty Qur¡¯aan says, ¡°The day when neither wealth nor children will be of any avail. But to him who comes to Allah with a tranquil heart¡±. (Suratush-Shu¡¯ara 26: 88-89) Further Allah Almighty says, ¡°Verily, he who has purified it (Nafs) has attained victory, and he who has despoiled it has lost.¡± (Suratush-Shams91: 9-10)

It is a fact that perfection in any filed cannot be achieved without an Ustaad (expert instructor). Thus one who wants to purify one¡¯s heart should search an Ustaad of Tareeqat and sells oneself on his hand so that the true goal can be achieved through his graceful instruction and auspicious companionship. The companionship of a pious man will induce piety in you while the companionship of an evil man will induce evil in you.

In brief, Bay¡¯ah is to take a pledge for striving and adhering to laws of A¡¯male Zahiri and Batini. This practice of Bait has been in vogue from generation to generation from the earliest time of Islam. The Prophet of Islam (SAW) has enacted Bay¡¯ah of Sahabah not only on Jihad, but on Islam and the adherence of the Ahkam as well as on practical deeds. It is narrated on the authority of Hazrat Auf Ibn Malik Ashja¡¯ee (RA) that seven, eight or nine (amonst the companions) were with the Prophet of Islam (SAW) when he said, ¡°Will you not make Bay¡¯ah to the Rasool of Allah?¡± We stretched our hands and enquired, ¡°On what shall we make Bay¡¯ah to you, O Rasul of Allah? He said, ¡°Worship Allah, associate nothing with Him, perform the five Salaah, and hear and obey.¡± (Muslim, Abu Dawood, Nasai)

In short, a Shaikh is a doctor of inner-self and a Mureed is a patient. So a Mureed who does not follow the instruction of his Shaikh is like a patient who does not follow the instruction of his doctor. The sole purpose of Bait is to purify the heart and get the nearness of Allah Almighty. (All from Shariat Wa Tasawwf)

And Allah

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