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Question By : muhammad ateeq

I have the habit to sleep accordance with sunnah at night like reciting some surah etc regularly as I listen in jamaat that whoever will sleep according to prophets way, his sleeping will become deen, he will get sawaab for it and he will be not counted among gafileen but I have also one habit of sleeping sometimes after ishraaq (in night I sleep for 6 to 7 hrs) for one to two hours, so if at this time if I will sleep according to the way of prophet and reciting some surah, will it become deen and will i get in change the reward for this.


Reply By : Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator Online Darul Ifta 

If you want to make your sleep into deen whether in day or night, you should sleep in a way as prophet (saws) slept. Here I am quoting some Ahadith of Prophet (saws) to know the way of his sleep.
1. Al-Bara bin Azib [may Allah be pleased with him] narrated that: The Messenger ofAllah used to lay his head upon his right hand when going to sleep, then say: ¡°Rabbi Qini Adhabaka Yawma Tab¡¯athu Ibadak¡± (My Lord, safeguard me from Your punishment the Day You resurrect Your slaves.)[ Jami` at-Tirmidhi]

2. Hazrat Aishah narrated that: Every night, when the Prophet would go to his bed, he would join his hands, then blow in them, as he recited in them: ((The surahs of) AI-Ikhlaas (Qul huwauahu ahad), AI-Falaq (Qul a'udhu birabbil falaq), and An-Naas (Qui a'udhu birabbin naas))¡°Say: He is Allah, the One.¡± And ¡°Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of Al-Falaq¡± and ¡°Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.¡± Then he would wipe as much as he was able to off his body with them, beginning with them first of his head and face, and the front of his body. He would do this three times. (Sahih) Narrated Hudhaifa: [ Jami` at-Tirmidhi]
3. When the Prophet went to bed at night, he would put his hand under his cheek and then say, "Allahumma bismika amutu wa ahya," and when he got up, he would say, "Al-Hamdu lil-lahi al-ladhi ahyana ba'da ma amatana, wa ilaihi an-nushur."[Sahih al-Bu

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