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Question By : A. M. Adullah Moghnie

Muhtaram Mufti of Markazul Maarif
Assalamu Alaikum

What do our learned scholars say about wearing the clothes made of Raw silk for man?

What is the Islamic opinion about investing in mutual funds or the stock market in a non-Muslim country?

What is the Islamic opinion about eating the following animals: Squirrel, Rabbit, Crab, and Alligator. According to the four madhab and what about animal in the sea what can we eat?

The Khateeb of JumuˇŻah salaat finished his Arabic Khutbahs and remembered he did not have wudhu (ablution) so he went and made a wudhu and came right back and lead the JumuˇŻah Salaat and did not repeat the Arabic Khutbahs. Is the JumuˇŻah ok?

If Zawaal (mid-sun) is at 12:30 pm and one mosque held three JumuˇŻahs; at 12:00pm, 1:30pm, and 2:15pm. The Khateeb was the same person at all three times. If a group of musafirs (travelers) went to the 1:30 prayer will their JumuˇŻah be valid?
Those musafirs who attended the 2:15 JumuˇŻah and knew the Khateeb did the 2:15 JumuˇŻah what should they do since the JumuˇŻah was not valid, should they make two rakˇŻaats or four rakˇŻaats of Dhuhr? If a musafir went to the 2:15 JumuˇŻah and did not know that the khateeb had done one JumuˇŻah earlier what will be the validity of that musafir's JumuˇŻah? Can you please explain these issued.



Reply By : Md.Obaidullah Al-Qasmi
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Dear brother in Islam,

Your question contains five sub-questions:
1) Wearing silk dress
2) Investment in mutual fund & stock market
3) squirrel, rabbit, crab, alligator allowed or not
4) Juma Khutba without Wodhu (ablution)
5) Imam leading in the same prayer at different places
Answers to points No.3,4 & 5are given below respectively. Please wait for two others till 14-03-2000
All the four Imams are right. One must follow one of them if he is not follower so far. Those who are already followers of a particular Imam must follow him in every Mas'ala. It is Haraam to follow one Imam in a Mas'ala and other Imam in Another Mas'ala. Below are the answers according to four Madhaahib.

3) Squirrel, rabbit, crab, alligator allowed or not?
According to Imam Abu Haneefa no aquatic animal is allowed except fish and that fish which dies of itself and floats over water is not lawful. Imam Malik holds that all aquatic animals are allowed except sea- dog, sea- hog and maireman. Imam Shafe'ee holds that all aquatic animals are lawful without discrimination.
i) Squirrel is unlawful to all Madhaahib (Imam Abu Hanifa, Malik, Imam Shafe-ee, and Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal).
ii) Rabbit is lawful to all the Imams.
(Tirmizi v.2 p.2,Al-Bahrur Raa'iq v.8 p.172)
iii) Crab is unlawful to Imam Abu Haneefa and lawful to Imam Malik and Imam Shafe'ee.
iv) Alligator is unlawful to Imam Abu Haneefa and lawful to Imam Malik and Imam Shafe'ee.
(English Translation of Al-Mishkaat v.2 p.158)
(Al Fataawa Alhindia v.5 p.289)

4) Juma Khutba without Wodhu:

Juma Khutba without Wodhu is Haraam if done deliberately. If Khateeb delivered his Khutba without Wodhu deliberately, Juma is valid but he is sinful. And, if he did so unintentionally
Juma is valid and he will not be sinful. There is no need to repeat Khutba if done without Wodhu.
(Raddul Muhtaar v.1 p.599)

5) Imam leading the same prayer at difference places

Imam leads in the same prayer at different places or mosques his prayers will be considered as Nafls and not Fardh, and only his first Prayer will be considered Fardh. For example if an Imam led in Zuhar correctly and then again he led in Zuhar at another place or at the same place, only his first Zuhar will be considered as Fardh and other Prayers will be Nafl. Is it allowed for a Fardh Musalli to follow such Imam or not? In this case there are different opinions of the four Imams which are given below.
1) To Imam Shafe'ee and Imam Ahmad in one of his opinions, Salah of both the Fardh or Nafl Musalli is valid behind both the Fardh or Nafl Imams.
2) To Imam Abu Haneefah and Imam Malik, Salah of both the Fardh and Nafl Musalli is valid behind the Imam of the same Fardh. But the salah of the Fardh Musalli is not valid behind the Nafl Imam.
(I'laaus-sunan v.4 p.290)

Allah knows best Thanking You

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