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Question By : Anwar Shah

Asslamu Alaikum
Mufti sahib I would like to know what kind of clothes the prophet (SAW) wear and what kind of trouser does he wear. I cannot find these things in anywhere and what color he wear, also tell what color he love to wear.
Anwar Shah


Reply By : Md. Obaidullah Al-Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear brother in Islam

The holy prophet recommended the use of trouser to the length of half of the lower portion of the leg. It may, however be lengthened above ankle and shortened below the middle knee. There are various traditions which deprecated strongly the lengthening of trousers beyond ankles as it gives an air of vanity and catches fouls and dirts of the way.
Abu Hurairah reported that the messenger of Allah said, ''Allah will not look, on the Resurrection day, to one who lets loose his trousers out of vanity.''
(Agreed by Bukhari and Muslim)
Shirts and robes :
The holy prophet used a single long robe and recommended it for others, as it covers major portion of the body.
Umme-Salamah reported that the dress most liked by the Messenger of Allah was long gown. (Tirmizi,Abu daud)

The Colour of Dress :
The colour of cloth most favourable to the Prophet were white and then green.

Samorah reported that the Prophet said,''Put on white dress, because it is most pure and pleasant;and use it as coffin for your dead bodies.'' (Tirmizi, Ibn-Majah,Ahmed, Nasai)
(Extract from ''Al-hadis, a commentry of Mishkat'' v.1,p.636)

Allah knows best.
Thanking You

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