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Question By : rabiya

?Assalaamu alaikum.I am a medical student my syllabus is very huge and cannot be read before examination, so can i do istikhara before studying for exam, so as to seek guidance from ALLAH as to which topics I should read first.Can it be done in day time??if not then please tell me any dua to seek guidance from ALLAH.


Reply By : Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator Online Darul Ifta 

A. It is better to do istikharah for the above mentioned purpose. It can be performed in daytime also. Istikharah means to seek righteous deeds from Allah Almighty. And the work which is done after the istikharah Allah puts in it success and makes it easy by his grace. It is not necessary in istikharah that the performer will see a dream concerning to the objective but it is also enough that his heart will decline towards one point. However Islamic scholars have written three ways of doing istikharha. One of them is that one should offer two rakat salah then recite surah Wal Shams, Wallail, Al Ikhlas and Watteen seven seven times with ablution and pure cloth sleeping on the right ribs facing the Kabla and pray to Allah in a very humble way: Oh my Allah, show me the right way in this matter and let me know that my supplication is answered and my objective is borne fruit.
Insha Allah within seven days he will be guided to the right and preferable way.
And Allah knows the best.

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