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Question By : Mohammed

Dear Respe4xted Mufti, Assalamu alaikum, Inshallah I am planning to go to Haj this year. The tour operator plans to take us first to Mecca in the month of Zil Qayidah. I shall be performing Umrah as for Haj-e-Tamattu. We shall stay in Mecca for approximately 15 days and then proceed to Madinah for 8-10 days. Then I shall return from Madinah on the 5th of Zil Haj to Aziziah and from Aziziah will directly go off to Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa to complete the Haj rites. My question is when I am returning from Madina on the 5th Zil Haj What intention [niyah] should I make at the Miqat Zul Hudaifah Is it intention for Haj only a part of Tamattu [ since I would have already completed Umra part of Tamattu before coming to Madina] or should I make the intention of Umrah again and then perform the Umrah, remove the Ihram and then wear the Ihram again on the 8th of Zil Haj with the intention of Haj. I am told that once I have performed the Umrah of Haj-e-Tamattu and then I go to Madina, on my return I should make the intention of Haj only and it is not proper to again do Umrah of Tamattu again for the 2nd time. As I am confused please advise. Jazakallh khair, Dr. Mohammed, Chennai


Reply By : Mohammad Asad Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

The answer to your question is as follows:

It is better for you as a Mutamatti not to go outside of boundaries of Makkah after completing Umra part of Tamattu, you should spend the remaining days in Makkah and when the days of Hajj come, wear Ihram on the 8th of Zil-Hajjah and perform Hajj. After completing your Umrah of Tamattu, if you go to Madinah or to any other places i.e. out of Haram-e- Makkah, you should perform Umrah again before Haj days, remove the Ihram and then put on the Ihram once again on the 8th of Zil-Hijah with the intention of Hajj. (And Allah knows best)

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