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Question By : Ashraf Sheikh

Respected Mufti Saheb,
Assalamu aly kum
I was going through ta'leem (reading Fazail e amaal in
urdu )in my house with my family.
I was reading the chapter of "Childrens of Phrophet's
In this it is said that Rasulullah sollellahu alyhiva
sallam had 4 daughters.
2nd and 3rd daughters were given in the nikah of
Hazrat usman gani RA.
At the time of death of 3rd daughter it is said in the
book that Rasulullah sollellahu aly hiva sallam said
that "if he had 100 daughters he would have given all
after each one death in the nikah of Hazrath usman
gani RA."
Here my question is as we know that Rasulullah
sollellahu alyhiva sallam had 4th daughter i.e Sayyida
Fatimah RA then why she was given in the nikah of
Hazrath Ali RA, instead of Hazrath Usman Gani RA.
Please clarify the above statement.
Ashraf Sheikh


Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful
Wa Alaikumussalam
Dear Brother in Islam,
The answer to your question is as follows:

The Prophet (SAWS) meant unmarried daughter by ¡°If I have 100 daughters I would have given all after each one¡¯s death in the Nikah of Hazrat Usman Gani¡±.

The books of history state that Hazrat Umme Kulsum (RA) was married to Hazrat Usman (RA) in 3 A.H and she died in 9 A.H. when Hazrat Fatimah (RA) was married to Hazrat Ali (RA) in 2 A.H. Therefore, the Prophet (SAWS) had no unmarried daughter when Hazrat Umme Kulsum (RA) died. Had the Prophet got any single daughter after the death of Hazrat Umme Kulsum (RA) he would have given her in the Nikah of Hazrat Usman (RA), as he said.

It, also, may be that the Prophet (SAWS) metaphorically said, ¡°Even if I had one hundred daughters, I would have given all of them in the Nikah of Usman, one after the other, if each one had died¡±, as he said about Fatimah, ¡°Fatimah is a part of my body. Whoever grieves her, grieves me¡±. So, the Prophet (SAWS) showed his love towards Hazrat Usman Gani (RA). He didn¡¯t mean the literal meaning of his sentence.

And Allah knows the best,

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