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Question By : Ammarah

Assalamu Alaikum
I hope you are fine. Do help me one thing...if possible, please reply to me as soon as possible because I really need it.
Someone asked me to search the names of jannah doors. I don't know what are they? I know you can help me. Please help me.


Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

Wa Alaikumussalam
Dear Sister in Islam,
The answer of above described question is as follow:
According to a Hadees there are eight doors of Jannah. But Only the names of four doors are clearly described in a Hadees that is narrated from Abu Huraira ??¨¬ ?¨¢¨¢? ¨²?? that the holy Prophet ?¨¢¨¬ ?¨¢¨¢? ¨²¨¢¨ª? ?¨®?? said, ¡° Whosoever spends a pair of similar thing, like two rupees, two breads and a pair of cloth, for the sake of Allah, will be called through the doors of Jannah, saying, ¡° O, slave of Allah it is a supplementary, reword for you¡±. A Musally, one who is mindful of salath along with other obligations, will be called by the door of Salath. A Mujahid, one who wages war for the sake of Allah almighty practicing on all the commandment of Allah, will be called through the door of Jihad. A Musaddique, one who gives money in charity, exercising on all other obligations, will be called by the door of Sadaqa. A Saaim, one who keeps fast acting on other principle of Islam, will be called through the door of Rayyaan. Abu Bakar ??¨ª ?¨¢¨¢? ¨²?? said, ¡°O, Messenger of Allah! The lives of my mother and father lay down for you. There is no need to be called any one through the all doors of Jannah, because the purpose of entering Jannah will be solved by one door, but is there any one who will be called through the all doors, as a respect? The Prophet replied, ¡°Yes and I hope you will be one of them, Abu Bakar.
Shareh-e-Bukhari, Ibn-e-Hajar Asqalani writes in the explanation of above mentioned Hadees that it indicates only the four doors of Jannah while it has already been mentioned in the beginning of Kitabul Jihad that the doors of heaven are eight in number. And Hajj, pilgrimage, is not prescribed in the above-mentioned Hadees. So there will be a door for Hajj certainly. And yet three doors are left unstated. The first one is Babul Kazimeenal Ghaiz wal Aafina Anin Nas because Ahmed Ibn-e-Hambal narrates a Hadees that says, ¡° There is a door in Jannah for those who suppress their anger. The second one may be Babul Ay-man for Mutawkkileen, one who trusts upon Allah almighty, who will enter heaven without any reckoning. The third one may be Babuzzikr because a Hadees of Tirmizi indicates it and that door may be Babul Ilm also. (Fathul Baari, Sharh-e-Bukhari in Kitabu Fazaa-ilis SahabaV: 7 P: 35)
So the names of the eight doors of Jannah are as below:
1. Babussalath 2. Babul Jihad 3. Babussadaqua 4. Babussawm/ Babur Rayyaan 5. Babul Hajj 6. Babulkazimeena Anilghaizi Wal Aafin Aninnas 7. Babul Ayman 8. Babuzzikr/ Ilm.

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