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Question By : Ammaarah Qaasim

Assalamu Alaikum

I have something to ask if possible please reply me and give me the explanation.
Some one said that Muslim can learn Quran from Jewish. Is it allowed? and Why?
One sister also asked me and I replied that I would choose a Muslim to teach me Islam, not Jewish.

Please tell me and give me examples that Muslim can learn Quran from Jewish or not and why? I have to tell other sisters aslo who want to know the real answer.

Moreover, one sister asked me to ask you how should we respect the Quran? What is the right of Quran? How can we take care of the Quran? Should we keep the Quran in the bag or a box before keeping on the cabinet?


Reply By : MB QASMI
Designation : MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear Sister In Islam
Assalamu Alaikum

Hope u r Al-Hamdulillah well now. See, as far as learning something from any one is concerned, either it is Qura'an or any modern science and technology, in Islam there is no condition as such that for a Muslim his/her tutor/ teacher also should be a Muslim. A Muslim can learn from a non-Muslim- Jew, Christian, Hindu or any religious follower, if he/she is expert of the subject and can benefit his/her pupils and his/her students also think that it is useful for them. Moreover, what kind of teaching your are speaking about, either, it is meaning and message of QuraˇŻan and art of recitations or something related to the Qura'anic science, if it is later then there is no problem. Since Qur'an has kept all the present sciences in it, one may take any Verse and explain it for his/her students. But if it is the first one I mean, if it is something related to the meaning and recitation then, no! It is not proper. See, I said not proper. It means okay it is allowed for the time being but one should not do so. But why a Muslim should learn QuraˇŻan from a non-Muslim (Jew), and how that non-Muslims can help teaching Muslims. That cannot be appropriate due to many reasons.
1 To teach QuraˇŻan one should be with Wazu (Pure) a non-Muslim will not follow it.
2 Teaching/ learning QuraˇŻan is considered as an Ibadat in Islam, and Ibadat is only for Muslims. It cannot be applicable as long as one has not declared the Shahadah
3 A non-Muslim may misdirect willingly or unwillingly his pupils during the course of teaching.
4 A non-Muslim himself already misunderstood the teaching of QuraˇŻan, thus how he/she can be just to teach QuraˇŻan to others. If he/ she already understood the message of QuraˇŻan then why his/her personal life is against Islam? I mean they should already accept Islam. And if they are not accepting Islam then knowingly they are hiding the truth and such person is not appropriate for teaching.
5 Jew happened to be a long time enemy of Islam, so most probably may misguide his/her students and Muslims children will be an easy pray due to their innocence, following what their teacher may teach. These are the factors, on the basis of which I say it is not proper to appoint a non-Muslim, as teacher of QuraˇŻan directly, otherwise in Islam there is no condition for a teacher to be Muslim. Reason in short is a non-Muslim can not serve our purpose at all. You rightly understood, not only from a non-Muslim but one should not learn Islam from Half educated Muslim even, since they may misguide due to lack of their own knowledge. You should not ask me.ˇ± Can I ask you again'' You can always. I hope that the matter is clear for you now. Yes, we should respect the QuraˇŻan very much. The question remains here how one should respect and how much? The answer is read as much as possible and try to practice accordingly, this is the best way of respecting the Glorious Qura'an. Moreover, read it while with Wazu, keep it clean and put in clean places. Try to respect as the Word of Allah, I mean love and be careful. Not to put at a place probably below your feet and behind your back and do not put anything on the Qura'an other than QuraˇŻan itself. The right of Qura'an is to learn, understand and precise accordingly.


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