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Question By : Imran Khan

?Assalamualaikum ,

I want know that in Mumbai I see that people take flats on heavy deposit that means if they give big amount of money to owner then rent is reduced up to some amount. Is this heavy deposit system halal for owner and renter? And if it is, so what is limit of heavy deposit amount and reduced rent amount.


Reply By : Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator Online Darul Ifta 

A. Prophet (saws) said: ¡°Each debt consisting of benefit is a sort of Riba (Usury)¡± [Sunanul Kubra lil Baihaqi- 10933]. In above mentioned situation the renter gives heavy deposit as debt because when he leaves home, the owner has to return his total amount of money. And in return of heavy deposit, the renter will get benefit of some amount of money, as rent will be forgiven or reduced. So it is the same thing about which prophet (saws) said that it is Riba or usury. Heavy deposit system is forbidden and haram for both renter and the owner.
Nevertheless, if there is slight difference in the rent because of heavy deposit, which is some time without heavy deposit also borne then it is okay.
If someone is in dire need to the extent that if he does not take home then it will be very much dangerous for his or his family ¡®s life or honor and he does not have capacity to pay the rent and spend for his family¡¯s livelihood, then he can take home on heavy deposit paying some rent.

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