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Question By : Asif Shaikh

Asalam Zayed was working for a large public limited company. There were many vendors supplying goods and services to the company. Vendors of certain services were in need of favour from Zayed and Zayed had to do additional work outside his duties and responsibilties to paas on that favour to those vendors. The company also indirectly wanted Zayed to give favour to those particular vendors by working extra hours so that in turn company gets benefited because services of those particular vendors were very important to the company. Against this favour vendors used to give some commission to zayed from there profits. The company was not excessively charged but vendors used to share commisson with zayed from their own profits against efforts of Zayed as he was doing this favour outside his duties and responsibilities with the Company. Now such commissin is halaal for zayed.  Zayed has invested this commission amount in certain properties and those properties are generating some Rental Income. Is this Rental Income halaal for Zayed. Can Zayed perform his religious obligation like Haj zakaat and family ki kifaalat from this Rental Income. allah aap ko behtreen jazaye khair ataa farmaye.


Reply By : Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator Online Darul Ifta 

If really Zaid gives extra time and to help those vendors is not his duty then he can take the commission and his earning is halal. He may perform his religious and social duties as well by this money.
And Allah knows the best

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