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Question By : Zainul Abedin

What does Islam insturct about beard cutting? Is it allowed to cut if it is less than one fist, as Arabs do?

Zainul Abedin


Reply By : Md. Obaidullah Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

To shave the beard or to shorten it less than one fist is strictly prohibited in Islam. All the four Imaams of Islamic Jurisprudence - Abu hanifah, Malik, Shafe-ee and Ahmad bin Hambal (May Allah have mercy and blessings upon them) agree that to have the beard one fist long is must for a Muslim and to shorten it less than this size is forbidden.
There are numerous ahaadeeth in favour of having beard for a Muslim.

Hadhrat Ibn Umar narrates that the Prophet (SWS) said, ''Oppose polytheists- lengthen the beards and clip the moustaches.
(Bukhari & Muslim)
Hadhrat Amr bin Sho-aib narrates that the Prophet (SWS) used to take off something from his beard from its length and bredth.
The prophet (SWS) had thick and profuse beard which had filled his chest.(Shama'ile Tirmizi)
Hadhrat Abdullah bin Umar is regarded as the greatest follower of the Prophet (SWS).Imam Bukhari declaring his practice as the criterion in this case says ,''When going to Haj (Pilgrimage) or Umrah he used to hold his beard with fist and cut the hair that was beyond the fist.
These Ahadeeth and Companians' practices show that having beard is Wajib(obligatory).
To have the beard one fist long is Sunnah Mu'akkadah, to shorten it less than one fist is Makrooh Tahrimi (close to Haraam), and to keep it so long that it may look awkward is forbidden.
(Fataawaa Raheemiah vol.6 p.247)


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