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Question By : Anwer Shah

Dear Mufti Saheb!
Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah

(1) Please let me know what are the sea food we can have? I came to know that except fish rest are Haram, is it so?
May Allah give you reward


Reply By : Mohd. Obaidullah Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear brother in Islam
Wa'laikumus Salam

I) Sea-food:
According to Imam Abu Hanifa no sea animal is allowed for eating except fishes. He has strong proofs on the subject from the Holy Quran and Hadith:
Allah says in the Holy Quran,''and makes Halal for them all pure things and makes haram unto them all impure things''.(Chapter.7 Verse.157)

All the aquatic animals except fishes fall in the category of 'Al-Khaba'is' i.e.bad and impure as they are hated by one's nature.
(Al-Hidayah Volume.4 P.442)

Allah says in the Holy Qur'an,''Forbidden to you are carrion (dead meat), blood, the flesh of swineĦ­''(Ch.5 V.3)

This verse deals with both kinds of dead meat i.e. sea and land. It does not differentiate between the dead meat of sea and land. As far as fish is concerned it is exempted from this verse by the saying of the Prophet (S.W.S): Ibn Umar reported that the messenger of Allah said,''Two dead things and two bloods have been made lawful for us: the dead things are fishes and locusts, and the bloods are liver and sleen.(Ahmad ,Ibn Majah, Dar Qutni Ref:Alhadis, an English translation on Mishkatul masabih V.2. P.161)

In brief, no seafood is allowed except fishes according to Imam Abu Hanifa, and this opinion is based on many strong proofs from the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Prophet (S.W.S).
Allah Knows the best

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