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Question By : syedali

What do or is their any proof or authentic view from the time of the Prophet SallallahuAlaihiWasSallaam to the time of Shaykh Abul Hasan Al Maturidi if our blessed mothers the Wives of the prophet SallallahuAlaihiWasSallaam are included in the ahle bait?


Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu
Dear Brother in Islam
The answer to your question is as follows:

Ummahatul-Mu¡¯mineen¡ªwives of the Prophet (SAWS) are, indeed, included in Ahle-Bait. The Glorious Qur¡¯an says, ¡°And stay in your houses and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance. Be regular in prayer, and pay the poor due and obey Allah and His messenger. Allah only wishes to remove uncleanness far from you, O Folk of the Household, and cleanse you with a thorough cleansing.¡± (Suratul-Ahzaab: 33/33)

And Allah knows the best,

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