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Question By : Mohd. Farooq Kashmirie

Can you explain for me, why Ulama are divited in the matter of Shairah issues? And whom should we common men beleive in?


Reply By : MB Qasmi
Designation : MMERC, Mumbai 

Difference of opinions among Ulema

Different Ulama may have different opinions on the things, which are not clearly mentioned in the three sources--the Qura'n, Hadith and Ijma. In such cases they apply their minds, go into depth of the case and then give answer according to their understandings. It is evident and natural that understanding varies from person to person. For example, two physicians of the same area, of the same branch of treatment, of the same qualification sometimes give different prescriptions for the same disease.
However, follow the opinion that you think nearer to be perfect.

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