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Question By : Attaulla Khan


The article by Br. Qasmi, was well written, it has explained in detail about of Sufism, and was well balanced. It also cleared some of the misconceptions I had about Sufism.

However I object to the pseudo-Sufism that is practiced today(especially in the Indian sub-continent). Today people visit graves and ask favours from the scholars buried in the graves. This is a rank blasphemy, it is shirk. It is denying the attributes of Allah the Most High. Those people who are the caretakers of these graves of scholars/Sufees have made a business out of it. Visit any 'Dargah'(tomb) as they call it, you will see people making a brisk business out of it. It will boil your blood to see people actually Prostrating in front of these graves.

It is this graves worshipping that has antagonized some people of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah to such an extent that they scorn Sufism. Practices like these are a cruel mockery of the teachings and lives of those Sufi scholars who were steadfast on Tawhid and devoted their lives in the path of Allah.

It would be great if someone writes a follow-up article on 'Contemporary Sufism' and the deviations of the pseudo-Sufees from the Islamic shariah.

In this regard, I would request Br.MB Qasmi and his friends, to shed light on this aspect too.



Reply By : MB Qasmi
Designation : Director 


Dear Brother in Islam

First I thank you brother for your thorough perusal of previous article provided by us. Brother really you have asked us to shed light on the ongoing aspects of Pseudo Sufism.
Respected Brother as I know much have been written on the aspects mentioned by you. Anyhow, though lack time due to the scarcity of work force, I feel bound to respect your deep feelings.
No doubt 'Contemporary Sufism' pseudo-Sufees and their deviations from the Islamic shariah, seen and observed in grave-worshippers day today's routine is also one of the reasons which has antagonized some of our Muslim brother and hence they not only scorn Sufism rather they hate real Sufism also. As brother Attaulla Khan Attaulla Khan writes '' It is this graves worshipping that has antagonized some people of ''Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah'' to such an extent that they scorn Sufism. Practices like these are a cruel mockery of the teachings and lives of those Sufi scholars who were steadfast on Tawhid and devoted their lives in the path of Allah''.
Before any comment on this quotation I would like to divide my answer into two parts and would try to analyze both of the parts in details. May Allah give me His special hand and mind to explain them in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet.(S.A.W)
1. Pseudo Sufiism. (Constituents and Islamic guidance.)
2. Misconceptions about Some terms of Allah fearing Sufees.

As for as the Pseudo Sufiism is concerned, its elements and constituents are as follows:

1. Status of Pseudo Sufees to their disciples.
2. Sufi's own freedom from Islamic obligations.
3. Their custom in the Bai'at of women.
4. Seclusion with woman.
5. Feet kissing, Prostrating in front of the Graves.
6. Urs and Qawwaly.
7. Concept of Mausoleum (Dargaah)
8. Seven time visits of Ajmer equates Hajje Baitullah.
9. Gate of Paradise in Ajmer.
10. {Nazro Niyaaz} to make a vow for offerings at the shrines or for a person other than Allah.

Chapter-1 in some of the innovations in the Structure of Pseudo Sufism

1. Status of Pseudo Sufees to their disciples.
The heinous beliefs of disciple of these Pseudo Sufees are to think that these Sufees are Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. The supporters of this Pseudo Sufism not only place their so-called Peer beside Allah Subhanahu Wa- Ta-Aala but they also think that these Sufees even what occurs in the heart of humankind. They also assume that Allah has given the charge of the universe to these Sufees and He is on rest rather inactive.
They have been given special right to change in Islamic Shariah. In their belief, these Sufees are exempted form all type of Islamic obligations.
These are some impious creeds of so-called Sufi's supporters, contradicting Qur'an, Hadith and contrary to the soul of Islamic Shariah. Allah Subhaanahu Wa-Ta-aalaa has, in many verses of the Holy Qur'an declared that He alone is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. None from His creation has any share in His personal attributes. He says, ''Say, none in the Skies (heavens) or on Earth, knows Ghaib (what is hidden and unseen) but Allah alone. (Qur'an / Surah Namal- 27/65)
And with Him are the keys of the Ghaib (unseen). Nobody knows them but He alone. (Qur'an / Surah An'aam- 06/59)
One who has gone through Qur'an would have found that the word ''Ghaib'' has been used in almost 49 verses of the Holy Quran and the word Ghoyoob which is the plural of Ghaib has been used in 4 verses and each verse says that Ghaib is Allah's personal attribute.
And He is with you wheresoever you may be. (Qur'an / Surah Hadeed- 57/04)
Say, Have you seen (These) partners of yours whom you call upon besides Allah. Show me what they have created in the wide earth or have they a share in the heavens. (Qur'an / Surah Faatir- 35/40)
Allah alone sustains the heavens and the earth lest they cease to function and if they should fail, there is none who can sustain them thereafter. (Qur'an / Surah Faatir- 35/41)

2. Sufi's own freedom from Islamic obligations.
Pseudo Sufees have been in major cases found that they do not perform any duty and obligation laid upon them, either they do not care for those duties or they suppose that they have been exempted from every duty. Sufees of this sort are found in Mumbai, Calcutta and in other cities where innovations customs frequently.
On any account this type of Sufee is either Faasiq/faajir or out of the Islamic fold and its campus.

3. Their custom in the Bai'at of women.
(Pledge to lead life according to shariah and refrain from every donts is called Bai'at in the term of Sufism)
These so-called sufees even care for Halaal or Haraam. Their main objective is going on with their trade and brisk business. They without any hesitation hold the hand and the palm of allowed women (Non-Mahram) handshake with them while this is totally against Islamic Law and order. (Hidaaya-4/442)
(Fataawaa Mahmudia- 1/45)
Hazrat Ayesha May Allah be pleased with her report that the Messenger of Allah never touched the hand of any women while Bai'at of them. He always made with them a verbal bai'at.
(Bukhaari Shareef-vol.2 Page-470 /726)

4. Seclusion (Privacy) with woman.
Seclusion, Privacy or private conference with a women is commonly observed in this type of Pseudo Sufism. Some exorcist and professional Jhaar Phook doer (dealing in exorcising or incantation ) also do this. This is undoubtedly violation of Islamic Laws. Not to speak of chatting, holding hands, touching palms, Islam has prohibited from gazing at women. In one Hadith it is said that the person who deeply gazes at the garments of women to find out body and structure of a woman will not get the fragrance of Paradise. Prophet of Allah is narrated to have said that whenever a man and a woman sit in privacy a ,third, Satan comes there and seduce them to sink in the great sin of adultery and cuckoldry. (Mishkaatul Masaabeeh-2/269)
He also said ''Al-Mar'atu Auratun'' Fa-Izaa Kharaja Istashrafahaash Saitaan''.
The simile of woman is private parts of body. As anyone covers his or her private parts, woman should hide and cover herself. When she is out of her house, Satan stares flirtatiously upon her.

Imagine, Quran says in Surah ahzaab that whenever you need to
ask something from your spiritual mothers: the wives of Prophet Muhammad, {PBUH} ask them from behind the curtain.
Then how it would be allowed for anyone to have a private talk with any Non-Mahram woman! (From whom marriage is allowed)

5. Kissing the graves of Saaleheen Ummah and Prostrating in front of their Graves.
prostrating in front of graves are so common that even a grave worshipper never thinks of its being prohibited in the religion of Islam. Really whosoever have visited any Dargaah would have observed it better.
Our ideal teacher, the teacher of all mankind and Jinn, Muhammad May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him has forbidden from this act of sin by saying ''May Allah Curse upon those women who visit the graves and on those who do Sajdah (prostrate) for graves and enkindle upon (or near) graves.
(Tirmizi-Page-203/1/ Nasai-222/1/ Abu-Daood-461/2)
There is a Hadith in Tirmizee, Volum 2 Page-102, that Prophet (PBUH) has prohibited bending in front of a person for his respect.
This very reason , we the follower of Islam do avoid from such Satanic action and forbid it very Strictly. We very loudly assert that the kissing of Graves, Prostrating in front of them or putting flowers and Chaader, singing of Qauwwali, burning of kindle, Chiragh and circulation round the graves are from Satanic acts and prohibited in Islamic Shariah.
The prohibition of these acts are so open that Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan and his Co-thinker Ulama are also admitted the same above opinion. (Ahkaame Shariat-3- Vol-3) (B.Shariat-157/4)
Maulvi Hakim Hashmat Ali Writes (though it is allowed for men, it is better for them to go for the visit of Peerane Kaliyer and Ajmer after the fairs. Because these fairs consist many those prohibited things which most of the people can afford to abstain from them while committing sin and doing wrong in the presence of Allah fearing people is more sever.
(Mammal Ma-saail-110/1) (Jomalun Noor-Page-80 By M. A .R . Kan Bareilvi.
One of the very authentic Hanafi Fiqah book ''Fataawaa Hindiyah-Vol.5-Page- 351'' reads, Wa-laa Yamsahul-Qabara Wa-laa Yaqbalohu Fainnahu Dhaalika Min Aadatin-Nasaaraa ''(None is allowed to touch or kiss any grave. For it is the Custom and practice of Christians''.)
(Fataawaa Hindiyah-Vol.5-Page- 351)
Fataawaa Azizi-Vol. 2 -Page-103/ Majmooa Fataawaa. Vol.3/67.
As far as the Feet kissing is concerned, observing the current and common deviation of people from Shariah, according to Hidaayah, wuold be unlawful.

Note: So far as the visit of Graves for men is concerned, We, in the light oh Hadeethe Rasool, are of the opinion that it is allowed if they go for praying for those in graves and for reminding oneself of one's own death.

6. Urs and Qawwaly.
Urs is also one of the innovations in Deene Islaam. Some of the so-called Sufees conceive that Urs is an act of virtue. Hence they make announcement for Urs, invite people to attend and ask them to share their wealth in this Satanic Melaa which contains many and many evil activities. Beside other evils and vices, one grassroots level sin is gathering of unveiled, unmarried, married women and ladies and of those who have attained or are next to the age of puberty. Men and women mix together and happens what happens. This is why Hakim Hashmat Ali Bareilvi has suggested to visit Kalyar Shareef, Rurki (Utranchal) and Ajmer after the Urs is over.
Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan, the leader of Razakhaniyat writes
''In Mahfil Simaa, Qauwwali was song on the Shrine of Hazrat Khaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyaar Kaki (in those days when flute were not common in Baargaah) ( Place of audience) H.Syed Ibrahim was present there but he was out of the Majlise Simaa'. One Allah fearing person went to him and requested him to grace the Majlis. H. Syed Ji Said'' doní»t you know where you are. If Hazrat is pleased then I will present. He meditated on Mazaare Aqdas (blissful tomb) and saw that Hozoor was feeling uneasy, and was saying that those Qawwal (Chorister and Singers)
have vexed him. He was being disturbed in the remembrance Of Allah. He came back to H.Syed Sahab and before he could say a word Hazrat Syed said' Din't you see what I told you before.
(Malfoozal- 90/1) My intention from these quotation is to show the grave worshippers what their own Ulama Have Said in respect to these devil's deeds.
However Urs, Qauwwali and beating of drums are not allowed in Islam and to attained to such ceremonies is prohibited. Four Imams according to Bazzaziyah are unanimous on the prohibition of these acts.
(Fataawaa Mahmoodia-Vol. 1-Page-140-142 /219.)
(Fataawaa Mahmoodia-Vol. 1-Page-212.)
(Fataawaa Rahimia-Vol.3-Page- 194)

7. Concept of Mausoleum. (Dargaah)
concept of Mausoleum or Shrine is also against Islamic teachings. The Messenger of Allah has asked us Muslim to refrain from cementing of graves and from building a house on it. Muslim Sharif. 1/312 Tirmizi-1/203. Foolowing this Hadith, there are many authentic Hanafi Fiqah books in which building of Mausoleum, house, tombs and Shrines on graves have been declared to be prohibited.
Durre Mukhtaar-3/144
Bahrur Raaique-2/194
Tahtaavi Alal Maraquee-335
Fathul Qadeer-2/100
Fataawaa Rahimia-Vol.3-Page-184

8. Seven time visits of Ajmer equates Hajje Baitullah.
There are some people in our Muslim society who think that if someone visit Ajmer Sharif for seven times he will get the reward of Hajje-Baitullah.
In fact this the work which Abraha of Yaman wanted to do. Allah has states his result in Surah Feel. There is no proof for such claims, rather it kind of Shirk. May Allah save us from such sort of creeds.

9. Gate of Paradise in Ajmer.
This is also a harmful belief. Some people think that whosoever passes through this Gate in Ajmer shall get the ticket for Paradise. Really, this is an offensive talk. The diverted love of Auliyaa Kiraam has blinded them to so extent that they never think of the proof for such Belief. For any belief one must have any evidence in Qur'an, Hadith or in the Ijmaa of Saaleheen Ummah. (Mahmoodia -Vol.1-Page- 231)

10. {Nazro Niyaaz} To make a vow for offerings at the Shrines or
for a person other than Allah.
There are some people who make vow for offering something in the name of Allah fearing people and put them on the graves of Auliya Allah or on Taaziyah in the month of Muharram. Similarly, leave an animal in the name of Ghauth or anyone else other than Allah, this is also vow of sin and to eat the flash of that animal becomes Haraam, whether they are slaughtered in the name of Allah or they have been slaughtered on graves or not. Nazar and Niyaaz made for any one other than Allah, has been made by Qur'an. In the word of Allama Abu Ja'far Tahaavi it is Kufr in some cases of Nazr (vow for creature of Allah).
(Fataawaa Rahimia-Vol.1-Page- 215)

Chapter-2 in some of the misconceptions in the meaning of some of the terms of factious Sufism

However, these were a birds view on some of the demerit of So-called Sufism. And now I am going to highlight some of the Terms of Sufism which have become the apple of discord and which has set free the tongue to abuse Ibne Arabi (R.A.)
First we should know that the person who has given a term knows better the meaning of term. There are many words of praise in the land of India which is regarded as an abuse in many other soil of the land. Here I quote a story of an Ansari Companion of the Prophet Sal-Lal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam. One Ansari companion of the Prophet Muhammad Sal-Lal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam used to come to offer Namaz in the midst of the hot days. His house was on the far and other bank of Madina. The other companion of the Prophet Sal-Lal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam ( hazrat Obayyibne Ka'b) said to him ''why don't you build a house near by the Mosque of Prophet! You come in the midst of the day. The Sun may strike you. Better for you to have a house and be safe from sunstroke.
He answered, By Allah I never wish to build a house near the house of the Prophet Sal-Lal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam. Read the answer please. Seemingly the sentence is so dreadful. Is there anyone who would not wish his house to be next to the house of Prophet Sal-Lal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam.
Hazrat Obayyibne ka'b silently takes these words to prophet, Prophet calls for that Sahaabi, inquires him of the sentence and he again says the same words and explains that ''O! Prophet of Allah it never means that I haven't heart for your love. How it could be? I meant that how far I would be far from the Mosque, and face difficulty in my coming & going Allah will give me more rewards. The Prophet of Allah Said'' In fact you will get what you intended) Sahee Muslim Shareef- Vol.1-Page no.235.
It's a tragedy that here are some scholars who forget this principle of Islam. The open their mouth with every hot and cold, sweet and biter words.
Before, taking any decision in the cases like this, one should take caution and be careful.

The same tragedy has occurred in the case of Ibne Arbi Rahmatullahi Alaih. Most of the Scholars of Islam have taken precautionary. Some are their who own their own decide the meaning of some Terms of Ibne Arbi Rahmatullahi Alaih and announce that he was Kaafir.
Really I say if these Muslims would have gone through his many books they would not have dared to declare him as Kaafir.

1. Wahdatul Wojood or Wahdatush Shohood.
Commonly people know the meaning of this Term ''Wahdatul Wojood'' as that Khaliq and Makhlooq, Creator and creature are one. The one who is Makhlooq Say Zaid for example is Khalique say 'Allah. No doubt, this meaning is totally against the spirit of Tawheed. And whosoever believes in this meaning as in the religion of those where every Kankar (Stone) is Shankar.
Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi, Maulana Syed Husain Ahmad Madni and Many others are there who have given other meaning for this Term. Moreover, Allama Ibne Taimiyah who has been recognized as very fast and strict reviewer has defended these Terms.
Hazrat Thanvi writes in his book {Shareeat-wa-Tareeqat} Page no. 364/365 that the term ''Ainiyat and Ghairiyat''(between two things) have three meanings. One meaning of ''Ainiyat'' is that the two things are same in every aspect, there is no difference in between theme in anysense. Say, Zaid and Zaid's own personality. In this example both Zaid and zaid's personality are one.
And meaning of ''Ghairiyat'' is being of two things different in any aspect. According to this meaning these two terms are incompatible to each other. And according to this meaning of Ainiyat nothing of the universe of Allah whether created or eternal (as some attributes of Allah, knowledge and wisdom and power) is same to Allah's person.
Second meaning of Ainiyat and Ghairiyat, Ainiyat means what we have written above and meaning of Ghairiyat is being anyone of them existent without other. According to this meaning there would be contradiction between the two terms ''Ainiyat and Ghairiyat'. And according to this there would be Ghairiyat in between Allah and His creatures.
And the third meaning of Ainiyat and Ghiriyat is what we write bellow. Reader must read it carefully.
Ghairiyat means to be different in any sense and the meaning of Ainiyat is being of anyone dependent on other in its existent. Though the other may not be dependant on first. For instance, We all creatures of the worlds are dependant on Allah in our existence but Allah do not needs in His Existence to anyone. For example Zaid and his Sifaat (attributes) We can't find Zaid's attributes without zaid. Attributes of Zaid is dependant on Zaid in its existent so there is Ainiyat between Zaid and his attributes and since both Zaid and his attributes are different there is Ghiriyat between them. This is an special Term of Sufyaa-e-Kiraam.
Talking on ''Wahdatul Wojood'' Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alaih writes in his book {Shareeat-wa-Tareeqat} Page- 310 / 313 that the existence of all the things other than Allah, no doubt is not by its own. It is Allah alone whose Existence is of His own. This is the meaning of ''Hama oow ast'' (All is He). An official requires a man whether he has filed the case in police Station, he has consulted any advocate or not. The man replies '' Sir, You are the Police and You are the advocate''. His statement do not means that official, Police and advocate all are one. He only means that in comparison to that Haakim they have no importance. Similarly, The existent of Hama is not considerable, only the existent of who is considerable. though the creatures do have their existence and actuality 'given by Allah Al-mighty but that in front of the presence of Allah Al-mighty is like the presence of stars in front of the Sun. in other word, creature's presence is incomplete in comparison to the presence of Allah Al-mighty. So as a hyperbole, it is called ''Wahdatul Wojood''.
To explain it more, the meaning of this Phrase is that though the figures are several and many but the traveler in the love of Allah Al-mighty observes none, he sees only one figure, the figure of eternal and imperishable one this is Wahdatul Wojood and Wahdatush-Shohood. Meaning oneness of presence and oneness of observation.
The above idea has also been beautifully explained by Shaik Sa'dee Shirazi. Shaikh Says'' Someone asked the glow-worm (Jugnoo) ''Why don't you shine and appear in daytime? The Glow-worm replied that all the day and night I am in desert but my shining is hides the shining of The Sun. And this is similar to what Allah Al-mighty says ''Yoo'zeenee Ibno Aadama Yasubbud Dahra wa Anad Dahru Biyadil Amru Oqallibul Laila wan-nahaara'' (the child of Adam (Human being) makes me upset that he abuses the Dahr (Time and age) while I am the time.)

2. Tasarruf and T'aaseer ( Changing and effect)
Sometime Allah Al-mighty executes things out of His especial slaves that is normally not in the control of creatures.
This is of two types. For instance, I feel like seeing the people engrossed in the worship of Allah Al-mighty and I make Doaa for the people.
The second kind of Tasarruf is apparently like mesmerism, which in fact is not mesmerism. In this kind spiritual teacher pays a perfect attention on the disciple (Mureed) and in result of this attention the defect, animal and desirous power of disciple is weakened and he bends to righteous deeds.
But this not in the hand and control of any spiritual teacher.
The teacher of this field only looks over the disciple and it is Allah Al-mighty who changes the situation.
Hazrat Obyyibne Ka'ab says ''when prophet Muhammad Sal-Lal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam saw my condition which was prevailing on me, he stroke on my chest with his blessed hand. Consequently, in fear not only I felt sweating I felt as if I am seeing Allah Al-mighty.
(Attakash-shuf, Page No.444)
3. Tasawwure Shaikh.
This is a type of meditation. Here the disciple imagines the personality and merits of his teacher. By this way it becomes easy for him to turn to the acts of virtues. This is why it is called Barzakh, raabtaa and Wastah meaning source and means.
If someone says that the meaning of Tasawwure Skaikh is to imagine Allah in the figure of spiritual teacher, he is diviated realy from the path of Islam. Tasawwure Shaikh is not more than what I said above. And this what hazrat Ibne Masood Radhiallhuanhu says'' As if I am seeing the prophet of Allah Al-mighty, telling me the story of a prophet whom his nation was beating and his body was bleeding and he was making Do'aa that O! Allah, forgive my people because the don't know me.
Bukhari and Muslim with reference to (Attakash-shuf, Page No.447)
However there are some similar misconceptions, regarding the factual Sufism, which have no base.
I would like to suggest our questioners to come to the subject without any parti pris any kindly read ''Shariyat and Taaaareeqat'' a book written by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alaih, if they are really sincere in the matter of Tasawwuf.
When we have known that the core concept of Sufi-ism is Tazkiyah and Ihsan, an state asked to be achieved, we must try to adopt also this part of Prophet's mission.
No doubt, some anti-Islamic ideas has been thruster in Tassaffuf and are practiced but due to those malpractice's if someone hates and refutes Islamic Tasawwuf, I can say he is deviating from the path of Allah Subhanuhu Wata-Aalaa.
Qadyanis preach their ideology in the name of Islam, hence according to the paragraph '' It is this graves worshipping that has antagonized some people of ''Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah'' to such an extent that they scorn Sufism. Practices like these are a cruel mockery of the teachings and lives of those Sufi scholars who were steadfast on Tawhid and devoted their lives in the path of Allah''.'' It is this graves worshipping that has antagonized some people of ''Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah'' to such an extent that they scorn Sufism. Practices like these are a cruel mockery of the teachings and lives of those Sufi scholars who were steadfast on Tawhid and devoted their lives in the path of Allah''.

I dare to offer a question whether one should be antagonized by Islam or he must believe in the truth of Islam falsifying the ideas of Qadyanism? Or if a Hindu Br. Say that he does not accept Islam seeing the conditions and deviation of Muslims, whether hi will be excused in front of Allah Al-mighty or he will be asked that Islam wasn't the forms practiced by so-called Muslims but was and is the name of those ideas and teachings which were taught by Prophet Muhammad Sal-Lal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam? It was your duty to accept that and act accordingly. Your lam excuse is not accepted?
Al-hamdu-Lillah, the picture of real Tasawwuf today also may be seen in our own India.
This is what I presented to our brothers in Islam in rush-hours
And Allah knows the best

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