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Question By : Muhammad Anzar

                What is law of Islam about woman who got married and gave birth of four children now her husband got married with other because of her mischief and the first wife has been pregnant by other man? Now the first wife is asking divorce so she can get marriage by his lover but her husband refused to give divorce. Now what is order of Islam? How woman will release by her husband?

Mohammed  Anzar  


Reply By : Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator Darul Ifta Markazul Maarif, Mumbai 

Why she wants to part from her husband? Whether her husband does not fulfill his duty towards his wife or if he fears that after giving her divorce, she may put him in trouble going to court?
Whoever according to Sharia if relation between wife and husband is not able to continue with tranquility and peacefully due to severe differences between them. Then the Quranic order is that husband should free her with kindness and he should not oppress her making her life hanging between nowhere. Allah Almighty says: ˇ°ˇ­either to retain in all fairness, or to release nicely.ˇ±[Al-Baqrah -229] If husband is not ready to give her talaq in any case and even he is not ready to fulfill his duty, she should consult Darul Qaza, Balasis Road, KD Shopping centre, Nagpada, Mumbai-8. <

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