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Question By : roobyjan

I have completed five years of marriage life but i have no any child.I have consulted various doctors for this case and got no result till now and I am also going to Dargahs for prayer.
Please tell me what I can do so that Allah give me a child.


Reply By : Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator, Online Darul Ifta, MMERC 

It is mentioned in hadith that dua after farz salah is much likely to be accepted, so you should do dua for being father after every farz salah, and especially you should recite this dua " rabbi habli malladunka zurriyyatan tayyiba". And keep on consulting the doctor also, because treatment is also sunnah. And there is no need to visit dargah for this purpose, because Allah is present every where and every time.
And Allah knows the best.

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