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Question By : sister

My masleh are as follows:
1.The right method and dua for Ghusl after haiz.
2.Period after which cleaning of private part eg.removing hair compulsory,what if the period is delayed?
3.What should women do when she cant read quran or namaz during menstruation....According to hadith..we are lacking in religion because of only this condition, naturally.How do we exactly make up?It is really disturbing we cant help this situation.
kindly obligue with a convincing answer.
4.Though i do not wear naqab,i wear a proper dress with full sleeves,no makeup or perfume,no hairstyling,no bright colored pretty dresses out in public.I also avoid any sort of interaction with Nonmehram.I know i should follow a proper naqab,but i think i lack in confidence as i am working in a nonmuslim environment and fear that my wearing a proper naqab would make me more noticeable as a muslim.
This company of mine is into typing medical reports and only requires me to sit and type the whole day, also almost all the employees are women, it is also very convenient in terms of working hours and duties, therefore changing to a different occupation have never crossed my mind.
I know girls are protesting for the rights of hijab in France and i look up on them.But what happens in India, is always unpredicted.
Inshallah,someday even i want to do the same and wear hijab.Kindly provide me the answer as to hadith how much sinful i am not wearing one?


Reply By : Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti, ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful
Assalamu Alaikum
Dear Sister in Islam,
The answers to yours question are as follows:

1. There are three farayeez in Gusl. They are as follows:

a) To gargle and wash mouth in such a way that water reaches everywhere inside the mouth.
b) To clean inner side of nose up to its soft bone.
c) To pour water all over the body in such a way that no part of the body remains dry.

One should, first of all, wash both the hands including wrists and then wash private part and remove all dirt and filth from the body. After that make ablution and then pour water over the head three times in such a way that if flows all over the body and thereafter pour water over both the shoulders thrice.

It is necessary to wash the front skin of the urinary organ and all hair of head if they are not gathered and tied but if they are tied then washing hair is not necessary but water should reach their roots.

2. It should be removed within forty days and removing every week is better.

3. She can recite Du¡¯a and Durood Shareef.
4. Wearing neqaab (Burq¡¯h) is not necessary but covering whole body from head to feet is obligation. A woman should cover her body in such a way that the shape of does not appear. No part of her body should be exposed before Ghair Mehram (to whom marriage is permitted) without any extreme necessity. Moreover, she is not permitted to bear resemblance to male in dress and other things as such a lady has been cursed by the Prophet (SAWS).

And Allah knows the best,

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