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Question By : Javeria Iqbal Meer


1. Any girl is not allowed to recite Qura'an during periods.. right.. but reading Qura'an on net is ok or not?? I mean that too requires wuzoo and pureness or it can be done.. Hopefully u got that..

2. Second a girl-wearing locket with the name of Allah should take that off during periods or she can have it???

Take Care


Reply By : (Mufti)Muhammadullah Al-Qasmi & Md. Shihabuddin A
Designation : Research Extvs. MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear sister in Islam!
Walaikumussalaam wwb

The answers of the two questions you asked are as follows:

1. A woman in her menstruation period is not allowed to recite and touch the Holy Qura'an. It is not lawful for a girl during her period to read the Qura'an by lips even on net. Yes, she can see the Quranic verses and can understand. She will be permitted to recite by lips only when her period is over.
Those without Wuzu who doní»t need Ghusl or women without Wuzu who are not
in menstruation can only recite the Quarn. and cant touch any verse of the Quran.
(Fatawa Aalamgiri 1\ 38 Imdad-ul-fatawa 1\ 89)

2. It is allowed to wear a locket with the word 'Allah'. She is not required to take it off during her monthly period.
Thanking you

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