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Question By : M.Z.CHIDA.

Respected Moulana

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am quoting below Moulana Parekh
''If a woman is past the marriageable age, she can do away with the burqa,''said Maulana Abdul Karim Parikh, member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB).

Is this correct and what is the authority for this?


Reply By : MB Qasmi
Designation : Director 

Dear Sister in Islam
Ms. Rasheedah Saheba

Assalamu Alaikum
I am whole heartedly in support of your doubts and am thankful to you for bringing this issue on the public Net. It was something, I myself was willing to discuss on with my learned members of this group over the net.

Your questions are quite logical and reasonable.
I will try to answer to your queries according to my understanding and ability in the Uloom of Sharia.

1. Why is it that First Lady of a Muslim country does not appear in Hijab?
It may be due to three reasons mainly. (a) That lady may not be aware of the status of Hijab in Islam. She may not know the open and clear instruction of Qura'an that when a Muslim lady is out of her home she should guard her modesty and put cloth on her bosom. (b) They are ultra modern- they do not bother about the social and individual injunctions of Islam in their personal lives, they may think that the Islamic way of life is an invisible obstacle to their worldly progress and so-called development. Thus, they may willingly and knowingly try demolish it and to come out of the boundaries set by Islam to maintain the real chastity of women and peace in the society. (c) They are going through low confidence, lack of proper confidence and inferiority complex chasing them from around, thus they may think and do so.

According to Islamic Shariya she must follow Hijab and what she did was a sin committed by an individual, whole nation or society should not be judged by her personal life. There is no discrimination between any Noor, Saheba, Hasina, Khalidah and a common Muslim lady while following the principals and rules of Islamic Shariah. If they claim to be Muslims they must observe the common life style of a Muslim society in accordance with the Qura'an and Sunnah. It is a shame on our part that we do feel proud of their existence only because of their political (or worldly) status. On the other hand they do not feel proud of their being Muslim otherwise they would accept the ruling of Islam in all circumstances according to the possibility.

2 Is Hijab to be worn only when doing Haj or Umrah or when visiting Masjid e Nabwi or visiting Dargahs?
No! Hijab is to be worn all the time and every where. Whenever there is a possibility to face by a non Mahram matured man. Except some very special cases a Muslim lady is directed to maintain the veil to safe guard her modesty, dignity and feminine beauty.

3. How can we ask our daughters to wear Hijab when those who are supposed to set up an example are not bothering about it?
I am sorry, I don't have really any convincing answer for the question. People may say that it is not a big matter that we must bother about but I feel it is a big one and most of our social problems can be solved if we can work to live as a Muslim society fulfilling all the required values and rituals of Islam from the very grass root level. U may ask the same question to any ambassador of the related Muslim country where the lady u are speaking about does live. Anyway, I found the only logical answer for this is that some countries in the world came out with the name of Islam but now they are only Muslim dominant countries not Islamic. So their activity is not a model for others nor they are claiming it, they even know from the very inner conscious of their own that they are doing wrong and what they do is against Islam but to maintain the apparent socio-political status they feel it is okay to live as others do or other like us to do.

4. Why are there such double standards in Muslim society?
People who do this do not feel that it is something can be called as double standard as u do. They feel everything is okay to be called modern, developed, progressive and so on. Yes we can not say that they are of Muslim society and if u feel it is double standard what some people do or are doing, then it is. We can say sorry again but we may not be able to stop them from their own way of living. Yes it is, present Muslim society is facing such problem from long past. And this is the reason that some non-Muslims say, ''Islam is okay but Muslims oh..''. This is one of the diseases of Muslim as a whole when Muslim society can over come such problem it will be again the deciding power of the whole world, as I hope.

5. One more question. Is clicking of glasses with non Mahram men or non Mahram women permitted in Islam?
No. it isn't.

Note: this is not all that one can say to reply your queries, this is what as I could guessed the background of your questions and I was trying to reply you with that contest in your mind. Otherwise, I am hopeful that the answers are already known to you.
Your comments are much awaited.


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