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Question By : Afifah


Respected Mr. M. B. Qasmi
As-salamu Alaikum

As you told me to wait for the answer of hair cutting for women. So, I want to ask you more about this. Anyway, I am waiting. O.K! I heard someone said that women can cut her hair if it is not like men. Also, someone ever asked me that if I didn't cut hair, how will I do if my hair become longer and longer? Because there is a man, who believes in his own cultures and lives in North part of Thailand. His hair is about 6 meters. He never cut his hair since he was a teenager. He washes his hair once in a month because it is very hard to dry. Moreover, a sister told me that women in Pakistan cut their hair if it is too long, but they don't cut their hair as it is short like men. This leads me to a little bit confusing.

Please reply me, if a woman can cut her hair, if yes then how much and what are the conditions? And if not at all, then if some one does it, what kind of sin she is committing?

I would be very happy and would do Duwa for you all.



Reply By : Md. Obaidullah Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear sister in Islam


To Islam, males and females should have separate identities. They must not cultivate resemblance with each other. In several Traditions the Prophet is reported to have prohibited adopting the resemblance of another sex.

Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas narrates, ''the apostle of God cursed men who effect a likeness with women (in dress, manners, deportment etc.), and women who effect a likeness with men.''(Bukhari) (Ref.Meaning and message of the Traditions V.4 P.259)

In a Hadith the Prophet said, ''Glory be to Allah who has adorned males with beards, and females with strands (long hair).'' On the basis of the nature of femininity and the guidelines of the Prophet it is unlawful for women to cut their hair. The longer the hair is, the more beautiful the woman looks.

Yes, hair-cutting for a woman is allowed if there appears a problem and can not be cured according to an expert doctor without cutting hair. Too long hair up to six or seven metres that create problems is a very rare case, and in this case hair can be cut. (Fatawa Alamghiri V.6 P.370, Imdadul Fatawa V.4 P.226)

In brief, to adopt resemblance to another sex and for a woman to cut her hair is a sin and strictly prohibited by the Prophet. Success lies in what the Prophet wishes and not in the fashion the world chooses.

Thanking You

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