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Question By : Rasheed Ahmad

Maulana Qasmi Saheb:

Thank you very much for your scholarly response to the questions
posed by Razi saheb. I learned a lot from your reply.

"The second major difference is that they are of the opinion that one
must not follow any of the four Imams. They consider that following
the opinions of any of the four Imam is Shirk (sharing some one with
Allah) and every Muslim should adopt/ practice his own understanding
of Qura'an and Hadeeth."

Would you quote any source to support the above "belief" of Ahle-
Hadis especially the shirk aspect.


Rasheed Ahmad


Reply By : M. B. Qasmi
Designation : ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

Muhtaram Rasheed Ahmad Saheb

Hope all are fine by the grace of Allah.

I was out of office for few days and could not get to you. There are few more questions from some other learned and interested members as well and InshaAllah I will response to them soon according to my knowledge.

Without quoting the mare reference you asked for I would prefer to copy some paragraph from a net book by an Ahle Hadith author.

"The Blind Following of Madhhabs
by Shaykh Muhammed Sultan al-Ma'soomee

20. Truth Accepted only From the People of Their Own Madhhab

From the attributes of those upon whom is Allaah¡¯s anger is that they will only accept the truth from the group which they ascribe to. Further, they do not even follow what their belief demands of them, as is the case with many of those who ascribe themselves to a particular group, concerning knowledge of the Deen, whether to scholars, or soofees or others. They will not accept any opinion or narration in the Deen except for what their own group brings. Whereas, the Deen, of Islaam obligates following the truth without restriction, whether the result of narration or opinion, without particularising any personality, except for Allaah¡¯s Messenger . Since wisdom is the lost property of the Believer which he picks up wherever he finds it. ....
Therefore the connection between our situation, and the foundation and fountain of the Deen is cut off. What is correct is that, it is not permissible for anyone to refer back in anything of his belief (¡®Aqeedah) or acts of worship except to Allaah, the Most High, and to His Messenger to whom it was revealed, just as it is binding upon us to believe that judgement is for Allaah alone and that the Deen does not come from other than Him. By this we will be worshippers of Allaah alone, making our Deen sincerely for Him, just as He ordered us in His clear Book and he who does other than that, is one of those who take others as partners (besides Allaah) and of the destroyed. Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, said: ¡°When those who were followed, disown those who followed (them) and they see the torment, then all their relations will be cut off from them. Those who followed will say, ¡®If only we had one more chance to return (to worldly life), we would disown them as they have disowned us.¡¯ Thus, Allaah will show them their deeds as regards for them. They will never get out of the Fire.¡±
[Sooratul-Baqarah (2):166-167].
I Know that this aayah is an earth-shattering blow to the blind-followers for their stubbornness upon the sayings and opinions of men concerning the Deen, whether living or dead, whether it is blind-following in matters of belief or worship, or lawful and prohibited; since all of these are to be taken only from Allaah and His Messenger. There is no room for anyone¡®s opinion or saying, that includes the leaders of misguidance . ...
Therefore you find that the Muslims do not take admonition from the Qur¡¯aan. Rather, they think that mere verbal profession of ¡®Lailaaha illallaah¡¯, without fulfilling its rights is enough for salvation in the Hereafter, even though many hypocrites and unbelievers say it. Whereas Allaah, the Most High, has mentioned the manifestation of Shirk and the attributes and condition of the unbelievers as a warning for those who believe in His Book, so that they do not fall into what others fell into and thus be of those who are doomed....
Then came the scholars of the blind-followers and gave the saying of the muftee, the status of proof for the common person, then a further generation became drowned in blind-following and forbade anyone from taking any ruling from the Book and the Sunnah. They regarded anyone who tried to understand them as being suspicious and this is the limit of disgrace and the worst depravity and entity to the Deen and the people have followed them in this, so that they took partners besides Allaah. They will disassociate themselves from each other (on the Day of Resurrection). The follower of a madhhab honours a certain person in his heart and so follows him without considering his words, blindly following his forefathers and the people of his land. ..
All good lies in following the orders and actions of Allaah¡¯s Messenger (Peace be upon him) and his Companions - radiallaahu ¡®anhum - and likewise the Pious Predecessors - rahimahumullaah - and all evil and misguidance lies in that which the late-comers have introduced into the Deen and their is no doubt that the taking of madhhabs is an innovation in the Deen which was started by governors and rulers for political aims, or their whims, or to pressure their positions, or out of party-spirit for their Shaykhs, as is known to everyone who studies history."

In another book one person writes:
"Obedience to the Prophet (s) and Universal Freedom (III)

by Dr. Mansoor Alam
This blind following is called taqlid in Shari¡¯ah terminology. Taqlid comes from the Arabic root q-l-d. Al-Iqlidu is the camel¡¯s nosering through which the leash is passed. Thus anyone who is doing taqlid is on a leash.

This is what the Jewish and Christian priesthood did (2:79). And, sadly enough, this is what the priesthood in Islam (represented by the majority of ¡®Ulema and Imams) has done, as well. Muslims have been led to believe by these ¡®Ulema and Imams that their man-made Shari¡¯ah is God-made Shari¡¯ah. Having hijacked the train of Islam and put it on a different track that Allama Iqbal refers to it as the ¡®Ajmi Islam, these ¡®Ulema and Imams, with their manmade Shari¡¯ah, have brought unprecedented humiliation and defeat to Muslims. It is imperative that this shackle of Taqlid, which has choked freedom of thought among Muslims for more than a thousand years, be broken. ...

The christians will get upset if you tell them to mention God alone. They insist on including Jesus. Similarly the shia and sunni insist on including Muhammad in their worship. The sunnis idolise people like Imam Malik and Bukhari. The shias idolise Ali, Hassan, Hussein and others. We have been given the ability to think, to ponder, to reflect and therefore should not follow things written and practiced by our ancestors blindly. The freedom to think differentiates human beings from animal. If this freedom is taken away, human beings descend to the level of animals. The Muslims should be released from the leash of the Ulama and Imams who insist on blind following (taqlid) to the man made Shariah. Instead of following the Divine rules stated in the Book of God, they produce fabricated laws by using their own interpretations. This is what the Jews and Christian priests and monks did, and unfortunately what the priests of Muslims also did. Muslims have been duped to believe that the man made Shariah is God made Shariah...."

And I have a book with me now with title" Taqlid key Burg Wa Baar" in Urdu by Dr. Mohammad Yunus Arshad Balrampuri where he directly accused Ulama of Muqllidin with Shirk and Kufr in more than one places for reference one can se

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