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Question By : Kabir Ahmed

Dear Mufti sb
What is dream? Has it any significance in Islam?
Why people say something as bad dream or good dream?
Should we say our dreams to others?
Should we believe in our dreams?
Please answer me

Kabir Ahmed
South Africa


Reply By : Md.Obaidullah Qasmi
Designation : Mufti: ODI, MMERC, Mumbai 

Dear brother in Islam

(i) Dream and its significance:
During sleep when one's soul leaves one's body and goes wandering about in Alam-e-alwi(upper world) and Alam-e-sifli(lower-world). During wandering it sees what it can't see in waking. (Fatawa Rahimiah v.6 p.313)
The Prophet (s.w.s.) said,'' Nothing remains of prophet-hood except good news. They enquired: and what are good news? He said good dream. (Bukhari) Prophethood has been abolished. At present there is only correct dream to know the truth of the past, present and future. Correct dreams emanate from the truthful and pious men. Therefore, in majority of the cases, pious men's words come out to be true. When a man sees the Prophet (s.w.s.) in dream, it is correct because the devil can not take his form. Correct dream is mostly seen in the latter part of the night.
There are three kinds of dreams-
(i) dictation of soul
(ii) dictation from Allah and angels
(iii) dictation from the devil.

(i)dictation of soul: It is generally seen when a particular thing captures the mind of a man at a particular time. It is nothing but imaginations.

(ii)Dictation from Allah and angels: It is good dream and from Allah and angels.

(iii)Dictation from the devil: It is bad and horrible dream. It is the whisperings of the devils to the minds of people.

(ii) Good and bad dream:
Dreams are called good when they are favorable and bad when unfavorable or terrible.

(iii) Disclosure of dream to others:
If the dream is unfavorable it should never be disclosed to any body except to dear ones, and if favorable it may be disclosed.

(iv) Belief in dream:
The dreams from Allah are true, while the dreams from the devils or from one's own soul are meaningless. Generally dreams of pious people are true. The dream in which the Prophet is seen is always true. Most dreams are meaningless and are reflections of one's thinking. Therefore we should not pay our attention to such dreams.
(Ext. from ''Al-hadis'' an English version of Mishkat v.2 p.100)

Thanking You

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