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Question By : Ayub Patel

Dearest Br. in Islam
Thanks for ur emails. can u tell me who r the scholars replying back? where they educated and quailified from? I take it from ur name Qasmi that they are from darul ulum daiwband! is that true?? which school of thought r they? daiwbandi, barailwi, shia, ahle hadeeth salafi, qadyani, parwaizi.
people need to know before they can rely on the answers.




Reply By : MB Qasmi
Designation : Director, MMERC, Mumbai  

Respected Brother in Islam.

Thanks for your good question, May Allah guide us to the righteous path, A'ameen

We are Muslim, We do believe in Oneness of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, in the finality of Prophet Mohammad (PBHU) and in everything which is considered to be an article of Emaan and understood by the Ijma of Ummath from Qura'an and Sunnah.

One must not rely on us blindly but rely on the authenticity of the Glorious Qura'an, Sunnah and the Decision if Ijma.

The scholars of MMERC have studied from Darul Uloom of Deoband, the world-renowned Islamic Institution in India and then they qualified the Special Dawah Course from MMERC itself. We do not considered Deoband as a school of thought for Islamic jurisprudence. There are only four school of thoughts- Hanafi, Shafie, Maliki and Hambali and we follow the Hanafi one considering other three as right in their way.

Hope you are satisfied and we are looking forward for your positive gustier.

With best regards

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