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?Assalamualaikum ,

  I want know that in Mumbai I see that people take flats on heavy deposit that means if they give big amount of money to owner then rent is reduced u........
2i am a 57yr old post menopausal and my husband is terminally ill since last yr and he has told me not to observe iddat if he dies .what should be my course of action in this very u........
3   Mufti sahab,  I know many muslim ladies specially teachers who did not observe Iddat after their husbands died.What is the sin who do not observe & reward........
4Mufti sahab,  1) If a working lady whether she be a teacher or working in a profession say a doctor does not observe Iddat whether she is 30 yrs. old or 40 & above,&........
5DearSir,  AssalamuAlaikum,  I would like to know what is the objection by the Ulema for the recent Bombay High Court Judgement on maintenance. From the new........
6Sir,  Assalamu Alaikum,  Please confirm if my understanding about Iddat period is correct.   1, For Mensurating women 4 months 10 days. 2, For wo........

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