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1Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu. Respected teachers and scholars, many thanks for the teaching you have provided us. We are living in a nonmuslim natio........
2Asslaam Waliya Kum Brother,  I would like to know about "Nusairi" they are perverted form Islam and give great importance to Hazarat Ali (RAA) is it true. Do this type of........
3Bismallah Al salaamu alaykum brothers in Islam  I have two questions regarding celebrating birthdays of the Jesses /a.s./ and Mohammed /s.a.w./ Prophets:  ........
4My dear respected elder brother in islam,  1) What does Islam say about Backbiting and Slander? 2) Are we allowed to decorate the masajid? I mean decorating wit........

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