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How the long journey began

History furnishes record that gives plenty of reasons behind the birth of multiple of organizations that have mushroomed from time immemorial. On national arena, especially after India’s independence, many organizations came up with different motives, aims and objectives. Whereas some came into existence to protect their linguistic identities, some came up to protect their religion and culture. Some of them came like dark clouds with full of promise to the drought stricken farmers, but vanished without showering the water and giving them any relief. Alas! Like memory of human being, the memory of history is short lived too. Many organizations that came up to serve the humanity genuinely, human being have no record of it with them today.

I too had been dreaming of a 'Welfare Organisation' that would stand by the poor, ailing and suffering people. When I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw scores of Adam's progeny suffering and ailing around as if condemned to eternal doom. Due to ignorance of people themselves and due to selfishness of those who could have proved helpful in alleviating the sufferings of these unfortunate people, poverty knocked at every door. They were my own relatives, my own neighbours, my village people, people of my province and my own countrymen. Whenever I thought of it, my mind began boggling. After a moment of intense thinking, my mind would beging swimming in the air aimlessly. And years passed like that.

At last the blessings of some pious persons around came to my rescue. Almighty ALLAH listened to my prayer and paved the way for fulfilling my dreams. Maulana Abdul Jalil Raghibi Saheb, an eminent scholar and a man of high ambition came forward with a helping hand. Soon, Maulana Mustafa Uddin Ahmad, Maulana Mansoor Ahmad, Maulana Moinul Hoque and some other friends and well wishers joined and strengthened my hand. Then I rushed to meet Shaikhul Hadith Darul Uloom Baskandi, Hazrat Maulana Shaikh Ahmad Ali Saheb (Rahmatullah Alaihi) and Hazrat Maulana Abdul Haque Saheb, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulama -e- Assam. And thus my constant meeting with these honourable people gave birth to an organization that we unanimously named as Markazul Ma’arif (the Centre for knowledge). To be more precise Markazul Ma’arif came into existence on 2nd October’ 1982 (1402 Hijri) at the stroke of 12 noon.

The long journey began from a rented house (owned by Haji Tafazzul Ali Saheb) of Hojai with the blessings and patronage of Hazrat Maulana Sayed Asa’d Madni Saheb, President Jamiat Ulama -e- Hind, and my respected father Janab Alhaj Ajmal Ali Saheb. While recounting the love and affection bestowed on us in the beginning of the great Caravan ‘Markazul Ma’arif’, I am also reminded of a great sympathizer Alhaj Abdur Rauf Saheb whose encouraging words ring in my mind even today and make all hard works achievable.

In due course of time, many philanthropists came forward and stood by us at every critical stage of its development. Joining hands with missionary zeal of honourable people like Muhtaram Maulana Abdul Haseeb Saheb and Janab Mohammad Shamsul Haque Chaudhury Saheb infused new life in the management. And thereafter, with the help and blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’la, Markazul Ma’arif has marched ahead and never looked back.

While recounting all these for the posterity to remember how difficult it is to achieve something tangible, I bow my head before my Creator in humble submission to whatever little I could do for my suffering people. Had not the love, affection and blessings of my mother Maryamun Nessa Ajmal (Rahmatullah Alaiha) shadowed over my head all the times and protected me from the heat of blazing Sun, I would have got lost in wilderness.

While we strive to wipe out tears from crying eyes, while we strive to make life easy for those who find themselves surrounded with hardships and; while we strive to protect our people from deviating from the Right Path, we strive for no worldly gain. Our striving is to earn only Allah’s love, His mercy and forgiveness.

While seeking Allah’s blessings and forgiveness for myself, for my family members and for all those who were and are attached with this mission, I conclude with these words from the Glorious Qura’an and the sayings of the Prophet (pbuh):

“And they feed for the love of Allah the indigent the orphan and the captive. We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: No reward do we desire from you nor thanks.“ (Qur’an: 76: 8-9)

“Allah is in the help of His slave as long as he is in the help of his brother”
(Thirmidhi Sharief)Mr. Badruddin Ajmal




Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Al-Qasmi
Chief  Patron: Markazul Ma'arif, India

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