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History furnishes record that gives plenty of reasons behind the birth of multiple of organizations that have mushroomed from time immemorial. On national arena, especially after India’s independence, many organizations came up with different motives, aims and objectives. Whereas some came into existence to protect their linguistic identities, some came up to protect their religion and culture. Some of them  came like dark clouds  with  full of promise to the drought stricken farmers, but
vanished without showering the water and giving them any relief. Alas! Like memory of human being, the memory of history is short lived too. Many organizations that came up to serve the humanity genuinely, human being have no record of it with them today.....Read More
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Latest Masails Posted and to which the replies have been provied by the concerd authorities. Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  



Can a young mature nephew drink breastmilk of his aunt by sucking her breast or indirectly from her breast ?

Talaq - (Divorce)  -  

 assalamuwalaikum mufti sahab mai apni married life mein badi pareshani se guzar raha hu. actually mera aur meri biwi ka kafi jhagda horaha meri biwi k past ko lekar jabke usne ALLAH ki kasam khake uske past k clean hone ka dawa kiya hai. aaj isi tarah ki baat badhi aur usne mujhse pucha aisa kab tak chalega to maine gusse mein kaha lifelong chalega...maine us se kaha k mai sab huqooque apke ada karunga INSHALLAH lekin ab sirf formalities puri karenge aur apke liye dil se means heartly koi rishta nahi rahega. kya aisa kehne se hamare nikah pe koi asar hua?

Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  

 Assalamu alaikum
Mufti sb i want to know that can you describe about sexual relationship with wife..means what the things are allowed in islam and what not..i need fully description..if u cant describe then send me the name of such book..

Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  

 مفتی صاحب السلام علیکم                 خالد نے خالدہ سے کہا میں تجھے طلاق دیدونگا پھر دو مرتبہ طلاق طلاق کہا تو طلاق ہوئی یا نہیں  اگر طلاق ہوئی تو کونسی ہوئی اب ان دونوں کے ساتھ رہنے کی شکل کیا ہوگی 

Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  

 مفتی صاحب السلام علیکم                 خالد نے خالدہ سے کہا میں تجھے طلاق دیدونگا پھر دو مرتبہ طلاق طلاق کہا تو طلاق ہوئی یا نہیں  اگر طلاق ہوئی تو کونسی ہوئی اب ان دونوں کے ساتھ رہنے کی شکل کیا ہوگی 

Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  Is it necessary to give legacy share to sister? One person died leaving two sons and three daughters. He left cash and residential home. Cash is not as much as it could be sufficient for the share of daughters. Sons are poor and they are not able to pay daughters shares without selling that home and if they sell home, they would be homeless. In this case, how the inheritance would be distributed among heirs? Is it necessary to give share to the daughter in residential home? Sabiha Naaz Delhi 

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