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History furnishes record that gives plenty of reasons behind the birth of multiple of organizations that have mushroomed from time immemorial. On national arena, especially after India’s independence, many organizations came up with different motives, aims and objectives. Whereas some came into existence to protect their linguistic identities, some came up to protect their religion and culture. Some of them  came like dark clouds  with  full of promise to the drought stricken farmers, but
vanished without showering the water and giving them any relief. Alas! Like memory of human being, the memory of history is short lived too. Many organizations that came up to serve the humanity genuinely, human being have no record of it with them today.....Read More
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Latest Masails Posted and to which the replies have been provied by the concerd authorities. Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  

 Assalamu alaikum
Mufti sb i want to know that can you describe about sexual relationship with wife..means what the things are allowed in islam and what not..i need fully description..if u cant describe then send me the name of such book..

Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  Is it necessary to give legacy share to sister? One person died leaving two sons and three daughters. He left cash and residential home. Cash is not as much as it could be sufficient for the share of daughters. Sons are poor and they are not able to pay daughter’s shares without selling that home and if they sell home, they would be homeless. In this case, how the inheritance would be distributed among heirs? Is it necessary to give share to the daughter in residential home? Sabiha Naaz Delhi 

Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  

 assalamuwalaikum me and my wife had a dispute over phone. actually my wife had talked to a non muslim guy 2or 3times before our marriage as i had appointed that fellow for testing the loyalty of my wife was unawar of it. after marriage one day i lost my temper and scolded my wife by saying " agar tere dil mein us ladke k liye thoda bhi soft corner raha hoga us waqt to hamara rishta khatam". my wife said" ALLAH ki kasam mere dil mein us ladke k liye koi soft corner nai tha us waqt aur na hai". whatever may be the intention of my wife at that time is better known to ALLAH. should i believe my wife and is our marriage still intact?did any effect occur on our nikah due to the above mentioned statements. plz help me out of this dilemma.i made a lot of enquiry into the matter and asked that non muslim guy about my wife. he told that she means my wife had not answered his proposal of friendship or marriage. she had said"islam in cheezon ki ijazat nai deta kisi ladke k sath"...

Qurbani wa Zabah - (Animal Sacrifice & Slaughtering)  -  

 As salaam ale kum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu



There is a misconcept that on the day of Eid ul Adha for each family member one animal is to be slaughtered by taking the name of that individual. If there are Seven (7) persons in a family they are supposed to slaughter seven Sheep with each sheep bearing the name of one family member.
Hadith :
Bukhari # 7210
Tirmizi # 1505, Ibn Majah # 3147
Ibn Majah # 3148 & Hakim # 228/4
Request you to kindly let me know the correct way of doing Qurabani,
Is it ONE per person or ONE per family, as even i stays joined family need to understand,
Kindly share your feedback asap,
Thanks & Regards,

Addab - (Manners / Morality)  -  

What is the awrah of women in front of non-mahram and mahram

Salah - (Prayers)  -  

 Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah. Nowadays in most of the engineering colleges and not in every college,the lunch time is from 12:00 noon to 12:45 pm.So we are unable to perform Zohr namaz.And also the principal is not allowing to offer namaz in the campus.Please guide us how to offer namaz e zohr.


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